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In the Spotlight: Eli D.’s Official 169 LSAT Score (Top 4%)

A simple reminder of a fact that can’t be repeated enough to pre-law students:  thorough LSAT prep matters. The LSAC confirmed that students taking LSAT Prep courses like ScoreItUp tend to outperform those who “self-study.”

In the Spotlight: Petersen W.’s 175 LSAT Score

Congratulations to USC graduate and former ScoreItUp student (SIU Spring ’17) Petersen W. on his sensational 175 score on the December LSAT!  Petersen’s LSAT score is solidly in the top 1%, and will open up all sorts of tremendous law school and scholarship opportunities for him.  

The LSAT is the Most Fun…And Useful…Test You Will Ever Take.

Hungry ants, mean-spirited ducks, sexy rhinos*, logical spiders, cowardly wolves, and flatulent cows. The behavior quirks of a wide variety of animals are just the beginning of things you will learn when preparing for the LSAT!

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