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Five Effective LSAT Prep “Tricky-Tricks”

There are a wide variety of things one can do to dramatically improve LSAT performance. Here is a brief summary of five highly effective but often overlooked LSAT Prep suggestions (they may not all be “tricky-tricks,” but they frequently ARE under-appreciated by students!) 1. Rejecting Wrong Answers Is Often Easier Than Recognizing Correct Answers Identifying […]

LSAT Format Comparison: Prior LSAT, Prior “LSAT-Flex” and Current LSAT

The substance and content of the LSAT has barely changed in decades. However, there have been a couple format changes that have affected the length of the exam. Listed below is a detailed description of (1) the “former” LSAT (prior to May 2020), (2) the former and temporary “LSAT Flex” (May 2020-June 2021), and (3) […]

ScoreItUp Students Earn World Record for 180 LSAT Scores

ScoreItUp focuses on teaching LSAT Prep effectively, provides students with a rigorous and entertaining live-course format, and guarantees all course lessons will be taught by the company’s owner. Those all are key reasons for ScoreItUp’s consistently excellent student reviews and outstanding student results, including a +15 point average practice score increase. Along those lines, a special thank-you […]