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Should you take the LSAT in June (with Logic Games) or August (without Logic Games)?

An important change is coming to the LSAT in August 2024: the Logic Games section will be replaced by a SECOND section of Logical Reasoning. As a result, the LSAT (beginning in August 2024) will consist of (1) two sections of Logical Reasoning, (2) one section of Reading Comprehension, and (3) one ungraded “experimental” section. […]

LSAT Change: 2nd LR Section To Replace Outgoing Logic Games – My Thoughts

I thought I’d share my insights with all of you on the potential impact of the LSAC’s decision to REPLACE the LSAT’s current Analytical Reasoning (Logic Games) section with a SECOND section of Logical Reasoning (beginning in August 2024). In no particular order, here are some of my thoughts on the future change: If you […]