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“A lawyer who represents himself has a fool for a client.” Trying to judge our own actions objectively, and evaluating what will “sell” to a third party, can be exceedingly difficult.  The same challenge presents itself when a student tries to write his or her own personal statement. That is the reason why students (even those with very impressive credentials) often fail miserably when trying to write their own personal statements. In addition to my LSAT Prep teaching experience, I have decades of experience working with prelaw students on their critically important personal statement, including:

  • Assisting countless law school applicants on how to make their personal statement and law school application resonate powerfully with law school admission committees.
  • Years of experience serving as a member of the advisory committee to Harvard University’s admission committee, interviewing students, and reviewing college applications.
  • Extensive conversations with law school admission committee members from T-14 law schools, highly ranked regional law schools, and local law schools.
  • My personal experience with the law school admission process, which helped me get into top-ranked law schools including Harvard, Stanford, UC Berkeley, and UCLA.

My personal statement package, and personal statement video tutorial, give you exceptionally useful advice on your personal statement.  We deal with every aspect of your personal statement, including:  (1) the initial “brainstorming” work, (2) the creation of the ideal theme, outline and structure of it, and (3) the precise editing of it, including the personal statement’s all-important “subtext.”

Finally, just like my LSAT Prep courses, you will be working directly with the owner of ScoreItUp, and not a part-time or student instructor. Your 1-on-1 meeting(s), the editing process, and the video tutorial are all done with me. And, to top it all off, the price is very reasonable considering everything you get!

Please take a look at the personal statement options above or contact me at mark@scoreitup.com if you have any questions.  I look forward to hearing from you!