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The “New” LSAT PrepTests – Renumbering System

The new format of the LSAT that begins in August 2024 includes the elimination of the “Logic Games” (aka “Analytical Reasoning”) section and the addition of a second “Logical Reasoning” (now renamed “Arguments”) section. In response, LSAC created a set of “new” PrepTests 101-158 using the contents of “old” PrepTests 1-94. The content of the […]

#1 LSAT Prep Tip (From Current LSAT Prep Students)

I recently asked my ScoreItUp students what would be their #1 tip to new or future LSAT Prep students. I was surprised by the tremendous uniformity of their answers. While I agree completely with their suggestion, I was taken aback by how universal the recommendation was. #1 LSAT Prep Tip From Current LSAT Prep Students […]

Does Adderall Help Your LSAT Performance?

Introduction and Summary: Stimulants Caused A 9% Decrease In Cognitive Performance Students sometimes believe that taking stimulants such as Adderall or Ritalin (commonly prescribed for ADHD) improve cognitive performance on tasks such as the LSAT. A recent study corroborates other studies suggesting that the opposite is true for people who do not need the drug. […]