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Listed below is a tiny sample of reviews from ScoreItUp LSAT Prep students. Please visit Student Stories and to see even more ScoreItUp student reviews.

“ScoreItUp is so much more than a LSAT prep course. The instructor, Mark Sacks, truly cared about each and every one of us doing our best and went above and beyond to ensure that we understood the material and all our questions were answered. Mark has a unique ability to explain complex concepts in a common-sense way that anyone can understand and remember. Besides, Mark was very helpful in providing us career guidance in the legal field in general. I learned more from him then from six different attorneys I had talked to before!”
Ana D.

“Most helpful course I have ever taken in my life.”
Ashley D.

“It is absolutely crucial that you have quality test preparation and that you take test prep seriously. The thing I like most about ScoreItUp is the ability of the instructor, Mark Sacks, to be able to tailor his instruction to each student’s needs. Mark’s teaching is not formulaic and not one-size-fits all, a feature that I found helpful. He interspersed personal anecdotes and humor into his instruction and was able to connect with students of many different types: men, women, both young and to the geezers like me. Because it is personalized, it is almost like you have your own LSAT tutor, plus, you also get more hours at a better price than other test prep centers. [Mark W. is too modest to mention it, but he earned a perfect 180 LSAT score the first time he took the official LSAT, a 29-point improvement from his initial, pre-ScoreitUp practice LSAT score.] ”
Mark W.

“Mark is ridiculously hilarious. He tells his stories with such enthusiasm and passion. It’s like watching a live movie every weekend. Those who say lawyers aren’t funny don’t know funny when they hear it. In any case, Mark’s humor (and true zeal for teaching) makes LSAT Prep less gruesome and nerve-wracking.”
Angelica P.

Not only did I receive the skills necessary for the different sections of the LSAT with your course, but you broke it down in a way that was incredibly easy to understand. We went through so much material and it was always interactive which was a very conducive environment for learning. And your assignments outside of the zoom meetings were the perfect solution for drilling areas I needed more practice in. Also loved all of the ‘tips and tricks’ that I got in your course, and having such a fun teacher was just another awesome bonus. All of the reviews you see online are spot on – this is a great course taught by a great teacher! Plus, you just rock at teaching logic games!’ [Jennifer P. earned a 171 on her first official LSAT, a 31-point score increase from her mock exam score prior to her ScoreItUp training].
Jennifer P. 

“After ScoreItUp, I was able to do what I did not think was possible of me. ”
Manuel E. 

“I met Mark at a law fair at my undergraduate school when I was a sophomore in college and it was that conversation that affirmed my decision to take his Score it Up LSAT course. He really took the time to discuss all of the components for applying to law school whilst emphasizing the importance of the LSAT. It was his kind personality and his eagerness to help students strive that made Score it Up the only option I had for an LSAT prep course. Two years later I took his course and not only had he remembered our conversation years previous, he was delighted to see me and help me through my journey. I would consider myself an average test taker so the LSAT was very important to me and I was determined to succeed. Through this course, I was able to increase my score by 27 points! That is HUGE in regards to the LSAT. Not only that, I was able to become so proficient in the logic games section, I ended up scoring a perfect on the real exam within that section. Of course, self-study is important, but I owe a lot of my success to Mark. His encouragement throughout the entire process is what kept me going and allowed me to see a light at the end of the tunnel. More importantly, he was always available to help me with my strategy. If you want to excel on your LSAT, have a support system, and have fun whilst doing it (as much fun as anyone can while studying for the LSAT) I reiterate my highest recommendations to Mark and his course. Many of my peers took other LSAT courses and were extremely unsatisfied, to say the least. The practice they received from their course did not reflect the scores they attained on the real LSAT. I am truly grateful for this course and for the success it has brought me. It has opened up many doors for my legal endeavors in the future, and If you decide to choose Score it Up as well, I am sure it will do the same for you.”
Rani S.

“The quality of the teaching technique was phenomenal.”
Jacqueline D. 

“The most unique thing about ScoreItUp is Mark Sacks, the owner and instructor for all classes. The thing I find most beneficial from ScoreItUp, is the passion and knowledge of the material shown by Mark. Mark has a thoughtful and precise answer to any question you may have regarding the LSAT. I have never had a class with him where I did not feel like he brought 100% energy and professionalism into the classroom. Not only is Mark knowledgeable about the LSAT, but he has great teaching skills and interpersonal skills. Mark also has an acute sense of when to lighten up the mood and re-energize the classroom with funny real life examples of law. He makes the effort to get to know students and genuinely cares about your success. I highly suggest taking Mark’s class over the standard, corporate test prep companies. The price and amount of personal attention to detail is unmatched.”
Aaron B. 

“Mark was teaching novel approaches to the complex logical processes of the LSAT in such an easy and elementary way that no other company came close to breaking it down in such an understandable way. This was day one. I was hooked. Every class, I was learning new things in such a basic and understandable way that I was truly mind blown that someone could be so capable to teach such complex subjects this way. I learned something new every time about timing, score, and approaches, that my average test scores kept improving week-by-week. I hadn’t even taken the test yet again and my confidence was coming back to me. All doubt about the test that I previously harbored was slowly withering away. He not only has insights and approaches about the test that the others do not teach you, nor teach in such an understandable way, the class set up and test approach is much more helpful.” [Read Mackenzie B.’s complete, detailed review on here.] Mackenzie B.

“I got everything out of this course that I’d hoped for. It was highly recommended to me, so strongly that I didn’t have any doubts I would improve over the course. I would turn around and highly recommend the course to anyone. It was extremely helpful in a laid back situation where I didn’t feel overwhelmed, pressured, or anything other than encouraged. I’m really very happy with it.”
Cassandra H.

“There’s no one I’d trust more than Mark when it comes to preparing for the LSAT.”
Ben M.

“I love this class and have extended twice for the triple course.  I have no complaint whatsoever, everything I have learned has been so valuable, particularly your explanations on symbolic logic.  I have a couple friends who take another class and from discussions in our studying together I find that they both lack a clear understanding of how symbolic logic works.  These two are much smarter than I am so I know that the only reason I understand this is because of your class.”
Jacob B. 

“Mark was an exceptionally engaging instructor who always gave thorough explanations and maintained an encouraging environment for all of us. His expertise on how to master the LSAT is matched only by his great sense of humor. I was not only able to learn about the inner workings of the LSAT but also about the practice of law as a whole, from Mark’s personal experiences.”
Kyle P. 

“Mark was kind and funny. He also seemed to truly care about each one of us which is a quality that caused me as a student to believe that he was really there to help me get the best score possible on the LSAT. ScoreItUp was the most beneficial thing I did in preparing for taking the LSAT. Mark, simply put, is an amazing teacher.”
Robyn L. 

“Mark is supernaturally smart and more than willing to help me learn…You won’t get this kind of service and training anywhere else. Thanks to you, Mark, I’m going to make the LSAT my little bitch. ”
Long N. 

“Your LSAT course lived up to all of the raving reviews and I couldn’t be more satisfied. Thank you for making what could have been a grueling, miserable experience an engaging and enjoyable one. The critical thinking skills we learned in your course have transcended beyond the LSAT – I just got an A+ in a challenging course (average grade was a low B) as a direct result of the Logical Reasoning skills that were so helpful on the LSAT. In addition, your course helped convince me that going to law school is clearly the right choice for me – thank you!”
Ashley P. 

“I think the quality of instruction was exceptionally high. It felt as though I had my own private LSAT tutor the whole time! Trust me, you will not find another LSAT prep course remotely as good as ScoreItUp! ScoreItUp is thorough, comprehensive, and extensive. I feel sorry for people who pay for premium priced prep courses and get mediocre, or even inferior, instruction. I’ve shopped around and there is nothing out there that compares. With ScoreItUp, you get SUPERIOR quality instruction without paying the big bucks. On another note, Mark Sacks is not only a great instructor, he is also an excellent motivator and all-round good guy. He is very approachable and easy to talk to. Mark has been an immense inspiration to me and has played an instrumental part in my journey to law school.”
Randy T. 

“ScoreItUp is by far the best prep course I have ever taken. Mark imparts his wisdom as a lawyer and gives words of encouragement throughout the course which make taking the exam less stressful. The class environment feel less like a class and more like a giant tutoring session without performance pressure. ”
Ashleigh D. 

“Every positive review you’ve read online is true. Mark is a wonderful teacher; very kind and considerate of his students.”
Joanna D. 

“If you are searching for the right LSAT prep course, look no more. If you want to maximize your score with rather affordable cost, Scoreitup is what you’re looking for. Mr. Sacks is hands down the most proficient LSAT instructor you will find in the market. Don’t miss out on the chance. ”
Daniel K. 

“I found ScoreItUp to be a tremendous help in raising my score. His knowledge of the material and his instruction helped me achieve a 20 point increase in my LSAT score!”
Ariana A. 

“Mark is easily the best choice when it comes to LSAT Prep. ”
Savannah A. 

“LSAT courses with Mark feel less like a burdensome and boring class than a personable yet productive meeting with friends. Mark does an exceptional job reviewing important techniques while at the same time maintaining an enjoyable experience – a huge difference on a test one would rather not take.”
Anthony L. 

“Without Mark’s guidance I would never have scored as high on the exam as I did. He made what could have been eight excruciating hours fly by. Mark’s lectures are entertaining and he is always willing to focus on challenging concepts or answer individual questions. He genuinely connects with his students and wants them to excel. Mark is by far the best professor I have ever had the privilege to meet.”
Adriana M.  

“I paid over $1400 for one of the big name prep courses and was very disappointed with the teaching abilities from the staff. I had minimal gains in my LSAT score and was very frustrated. I took ScoreItUp because I had firsthand experience with Mark´s teaching abilities and knew his course would suit me well. The overall structure of the course is what helped me fully understand the concepts of the LSAT, which yielded a much higher score. The quality I experienced at ScoreItUp is definitely unsurpassed by the big name prep courses and I recommend this course to anyone who is looking for a high quality course at a very reasonable rate.”
Carlos B. 

“ScoreItUp is an excellent LSAT prep course. Mark does a tremendous job at making the material understandable and the classes are enjoyable. I believe that Mark is an excellent teacher who makes the material understandable in a very clear and concise way. ”
Andrea R. 

“Mark was able to make the dry material of the LSAT seem interesting and intriguing, his wonderful stories provided excellent mental breaks, and his positive attitude set the positive tone of the class. Through the use of personal stories and his own prior experience, Mark is able to demonstrate how the skills involved in LSAT analysis are directly applicable to life as a lawyer. Sitting in his class, one can easily realize that the LSAT is not merely a hurdle to pass to get to law school, but that its practicality extends beyond the limits of the test booklet. Mark is so friendly and his genuine concern to helping his students actually learn and understand the material is readily apparent to all who take his class. He will go out of his way to answer any questions his students have, ranging from those questions are related to the LSAT directly to questions about law school, the admission process, and life as a lawyer.”
Golsa H. 

“There is not a moment wasted during Mark’s class. I truly felt that I learned worthwhile information and had ample opportunity to practice new problems during each session. He is an extremely helpful guide for anyone who is interested in taking the LSAT. His personal experience and stories also gave me hope that being a lawyer was the right career choice”
Melissa D. 

“Mark is a fantastic, seasoned instructor who will prepare you thoroughly for the LSAT with the skills and techniques necessary to do well. His entertaining stories liven up and break up the class into manageable chunks as well.”
Austin R. 

“If you are looking for a top-notch course, then this is it! Mark doesn’t need the advertising for his course because people want to recommend it. Mark’s course brings positive results, many hours of instruction, and at an affordable price. He is thorough, easy to understand, helpful, motivating, funny and entertaining, and he provides more hours than any competitor. Although the times are in large increments (four hours), it trains your body to sit there for that time frame and focus. It made it easier for me to endure that four hours of brutal LSAT! Mark is excellent! I will always recommend him and his course!!!”
Alexis J. 

“Mark´s amazing teaching style and proven test prep strategies are powerful and will provide you with necessary resources needed to realize your full potential on the LSAT exam. Plus, ScoreItUp is 1/3 to 2/3 less than other test prep companies out there. I highly recommend it!!”
Chris S.  

“Without a doubt the best value for your money! Very helpful instructor that instills confidence in your LSAT taking abilities.”
Juan R. 

“The instructor knows exactly what we’re going through, so he makes the course enjoyable. I can tell that he enjoys teaching because he takes the time to answer everyone’s questions, and he doesn’t ridicule anyone, regardless of the question. Also, he creates an environment where everyone feels comfortable and that encourages the class to participate. ”
Angelica C. 

“Mark Sacks is an excellent instructor who makes the challenges of the LSAT extremely fun and engaging to work on. He is a helpful, patient teacher, who provides all of the tools you will need to improve your LSAT score, and hit the goal you set out for yourself.”
Nick B. 

“Taking the ScoreItUp course was a great experience. Mark was a remarkable instructor and made sure that not only every student understood that material, but that we had a good time learning it. The fact that he takes the time to write the syllabus and instruct the course himself makes a huge difference. Having the actual LSAC materials to use instead of a test preparation company written “guide” that some instructors read off of was a great benefit. Not only does Mark provide thorough lessons that teach you knowledge about the LSAT, he’s a great communicator, he teaches what a book can’t, gives solid advice, and also gives lectures about life as a lawyer. After taking the course and the actual LSAT, I was extremely confident that I did well because of the material, that Mark at ScoreItUp had taught us.”
Kristy E.  

“Overall, the course was very helpful and significantly boosted my confidence in performing well on the LSAT. Having taken another course with a highly regarded prep company, I truly believe that there is no other course out on the market that comes close to the quality and value of ScoreItUp”
Randy H. 

“Scoreitup is a great LSAT Prep Course to take! It improved my score by 20 points! Mark Sacks, the instructor is very easy to understand and more than willing to help clarify anything you did not understand both inside and outside of the class. The learning environment is great! His tips and learning techniques were very helpful. He is also very educated about the law school process…Overall, it was a great choice for me, especially since his rates are not as high as all of the rest of the LSAT Prep Courses.”
Shadee D.  

“The class was extremely well-run and very helpful. I tried studying on my own first. I was disciplined and purchased enough reference materials to start my own mini-LSAT library. I took the test in October and knew immediately afterwards that I would benefit further from a prep class. Thank goodness I found ScoreItUp. Having a great teacher who can articulate the potential pitfalls you will inevitably encounter makes all the difference. It is one thing to read about them in a book, and it is another thing to have a conversation about them with someone like Mark. Mark has the classes structured so you get the most out of each one, and he goes above and beyond what I’m guessing most LSAT teachers are willing and/or able to do. One of my biggest problems was controlling my nerves during the test. Both the mock tests and the taking so many individual timed sections during class really helped me get them under control and it made a huge difference during the real test.”
Heidi S. 

“Despite the fact that the LSAT is a very stressful and infuriating subject to study, Mark managed to make the class environment a very relaxed and entertaining one. Also, although Mark has very respectable credentials, he proved that he had a great understanding of the LSAT and was able to transfer that knowledge in a concise way that made it very understandable for those of us who didn’t find the nature of the exam to be very comprehensible.”
Alexander G. 

“Mark does a great job of explaining difficult concepts in ways that are easy to understand. My score went up at least 20 points after taking the ScoreItUp course.”
Katherine K. 

“ScoreItUp helped me go into the LSAT feeling confident, well prepared, and ready to do my best. The classroom structure provided a framework for regular study and practice that I had been unable to achieve while studying on my own. For the number of classroom hours and instructor availability, the course provides an unparalleled value.”
Oliver T.  

“The class was very helpful in that it not only let us get comfortable with the LSAT itself but also provided an intimate and reliable support group. It made me feel more confident in my abilities, helping to alleviate some of my fears. The section on “Life as a Lawyer” was extremely comforting. While most people may write it off since it doesn’t have much to do with the LSAT itself, it was helpful for me, who was slightly on the fence on whether law school was truly the path I wanted to follow, to realize that I wasn’t making a mistake. Mark is an excellent instructor who really cares about his students, becoming both a friend and mentor. He’s an excellent resource for the LSAT and has great insight into law school and beyond through his own experiences.”
Joann B. 

“Between the hours of instruction, proctored examinations and materials included, I can’t possibly imagine what else I could have gotten from a competitor who charges twice as much…Your willingness to interact with the students and continuously answer questions on a range of topics was refreshing…I am extremely happy with the course and would recommend it to anyone who was looking to score well on the LSAT!”
Mike H. 

“I could not be more pleased with choosing ScoreItUp. Mark Sacks is intelligent, funny, and breaks down all of the LSAT concepts into understandable parts. I would highly recommend this LSAT prep course to anybody who wants to get into law school.”
Jeremy J. 

“Mark Sacks comes in very prepared, and helps students to break down the logical games and analytical reasoning sections into bite-size pieces through careful diagramming. I highly recommend ScoreItUp and Mark Sacks!!”
Marissa L. 

“The materials provided were extremely helpful and the instruction was always intriguing and enjoyable. With each practice exam I took, I watched as my score increased every single time. I felt extremely prepared when I took the LSAT and wouldn’t change a thing about how I prepared. Mark is a great instructor whose test techniques I even continued to use throughout my college career. ”
Brenna M.  

“Mark was an awesome teacher. He was relaxed yet very professional and had great insights for his students. ”
Lindsey W. 

“I definitely recommend this LSAT course for anyone preparing to take the test because with each hour that passes, you will learn something new that will further help you obtain a higher score.”
Paul H. 

“The course really helped me to focus both during and after the course exclusively on the LSAT, helping me to succeed and feel very confident once I had completed my test. I improved in every aspect of the test, including the writing sample!””
Amanda W. 

“Mark somehow makes preparing for the LSAT fun! The time flew by and every minute of class time really helped me understand the material more and more. I definitely would not have improved as much as I did if it weren’t for ScoreItUp!”
Rena T. 

“The course gives what other courses give with higher quality and a lower price.”
Terrence T. 

“Mark’s a great instructor and provides a personal type of teaching and instruction that I’m not sure other test prep companies can provide.”
Karina B. 

“The ScoreItUp course was well worth the money, and delivered on its promises. The class provided a ton of useful materials, and Mark’s teaching style was very enjoyable and easy to follow. He made studying fun, and I always felt like I was learning something in every class. I felt extremely prepared on test day. After all of the hours I had spent in Mark’s class, studying the ins and outs of the LSAT, I knew exactly what I was going to see on the exam. And after taking all the timed, proctored mock exams in class, the test setting wasn’t nerve-racking at all. ScoreItUp definitely helped me do the best I could do on the LSAT and I am so thankful I took Mark’s class!”
Nikki N. 

“Great instructor! Warms up the cold and impersonal world of standardized testing and really helps you understand just what you’re looking at and how to best attack it. Improved my score drastically, especially on Logic Games.”
Salvador O.