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Harvard Returns To Requiring Standardized Testing

Harvard’s Reasons For Requiring Standardized Testing Like many Universities, Harvard has returned to relying upon standardized testing (SAT, ACT, etc.) in its undergraduate admissions. Two key factors guided Harvard’s decision: Standardized testing works. In other words, standardized testing does an effective job at what it is intended to do: predict with reasonable accuracy the future performance of […]

How Important Is An Early Application To Law School?

Unfortunately, students often feel stressed to get their law school applications in early. Let’s separate myth from reality here, and discuss some important concepts regarding law school admission and merit-based scholarships. Law School Application Dates Don’t Get Weak Applicants Admitted Or Strong Applicants Rejected. First, all things being equal, it definitely pays to enroll early […]

Does Applying “Early Decision” to Law School Matter?

One of the frequent challenges that law school applicants face is whether to apply “early decision” to a law school, committing to that law school if accepted. While this article discusses the issue at the University (college) level, and expresses opinions regarding the impact of the process (spoiler alert: the process often favors the wealthy!), […]

UCLA and UC Berkeley Ranked #1 and #2

In 2022, UCLA once again has been ranked the #1 public University by U.S. News and World Reports, with UC Berkeley right behind it at #2. Congrats to the entire UC system, with UCLA and UC Berkeley leading the pack, on consistently offering exceptional public University educations for decades! A lot of factors go into […]

The June 2022 LSAT’s Unusual “Experimental” Section

An unusual event occurred for some LSAT takers during the June LSAT. Specifically, many test takers received a different type of “experimental” section during the fourth section of their exam. To understand what happened, one needs to be aware of two LSAT-related facts: Two Historical LSAT Facts 1. The LSAT currently consists of four sections: […]