about scoreitup and mark sacks

“I want to pay more and get less.” If those are the words you live by, you’ve come to the wrong place!  My name is Mark Sacks and I founded ScoreItUp LSAT Prep in 2008 after working as an instructor for a national LSAT Prep company, graduating from Harvard Law School, teaching the LSAT’s “legal reasoning skills” to thousands of University students, and scoring in the 99th percentile on the LSAT. 

My comprehensive, no-gimmicks LSAT Prep teaching style has led to unparalleled achievements of my students, including (1) a world record for student 180 LSAT scores, (2) an outstanding +15 point average practice LSAT score increase, and (3) double-digit LSAT score increases that sometimes exceed 35 LSAT points (an approximate 88 percentile increase).* Countless ScoreItUp students have earned (1) enormous merit-based scholarships to Top 10, regional and/or local law schools, and (2) acceptance into the nation’s top legal institutions, including Harvard, Stanford, Columbia, Chicago, NYU, UC Berkeley, Virginia, Michigan, Penn, Duke, Northwestern, Cornell, Georgetown, UCLA, USC and UCI.

By “cutting out the middleman,” I offer you all the fundamental training provided in corporate LSAT Prep courses, but much more…and a significantly better value for your hard-earned money. It’s literally as simple as that. (ScoreItUp courses are updated every year so you consistently receive the best LSAT Prep strategies on the market, using real and recent LSATs.) See Live Stream or On Demand for course options and to enroll; Course Comparison to see how much more ScoreItUp offers than the competition; and Top 15 for more details on the enormous benefits of my ScoreItUp courses.

Also, in stark contrast to the industry norm, I guarantee in writing the most important part of your LSAT Prep course: the instructor teaching it!  All your LSAT Prep lessons are taught by me, the owner of ScoreItUp. Part-time student instructors, who may have questionable teaching credentials and motivation levels, are not used. My LSAT Prep teaching background and training include:

-personally teaching LSAT Prep to thousands of students (beginning before I went to law school!),

-routinely providing LSAT Prep workshops to all the top Universities in Southern California,

-developing and teaching over 50 law courses to undergraduate, graduate and working professional students at UCI, Chapman and CSUF (including UCI’s “Legal Reasoning and the Law” course),

-writing extensively on LSAT Prep and the law school admission process,

-creating all of ScoreItUp’s LSAT Prep course programs,

-working as an Advisory Committee member to Harvard University’s Admission Committee, and

-working extensively with the legal reasoning skills tested on the LSAT at Harvard Law School, and as a University law professor, criminal prosecutor and former “BigLaw” civil litigator.

Candidly, I do not believe you will find as useful an LSAT Prep course anywhere, or an instructor with more proven results and a greater desire to help you succeed. ScoreItUp has an A+ rating with the BBB, and you are welcome to review student evaluations about my courses in Student Comments. Here is a sample:

“Most helpful course I have ever taken in my life.” – Ashley D.

“There is no one I’d trust more than Mark when it comes to preparing for the LSAT.” – Ben M.

“I was truly mind blown that someone could be so capable to teach such complex subjects this way.” – Mackenzie B.

“The teaching technique was phenomenal.” – Jacquelyne D.

“Mark, simply put, is an amazing teacher.”  – Robyn L.

“The money I spent on ScoreItUp is undoubtedly the best investment I have ever made.” – Robert M.

“Mark has a thoughtful and precise answer to any question you may have about the LSAT.”  – Aaron B.

“After ScoreItUp, I was able to do what I did not think was possible of me.” – Manuel E.

“Mark’s expertise on how to master the LSAT is matched only by his great sense of humor.” – Kyle P.

“Trust me, you will not find another LSAT Prep course remotely as good as ScoreItUp.” – Randy T.

“You could never go a day in Mark’s classes without laughing.” – Nadia J.

Well-taught LSAT Prep courses have huge advantages over self-study, but instructor quality varies significantly. In addition, most LSAT Prep company founders never went to law school, never taught a University law course and have no formal training in the LSAT’s “legal reasoning skills.”  ScoreItUp also eliminates the confusion and uncertainty that can occur when using multiple part-time instructors: I am the one preparing all your course materials, teaching all your live and online video lessons and answering all your LSAT questions!

And finally, a personal note: I vividly recall the stress of being in your shoes, studying for this critically important exam. But I do not believe hard work and having fun are mutually exclusive. Your rigorous LSAT Prep lessons will be supplemented by “war stories” that are designed to reinforce LSAT Prep concepts, keep the learning environment highly entertaining, and show you how exciting “life as a lawyer” can be. I also offer hugely popular networking events (“live” or “live stream”) that allow you to meet practicing lawyers, law students and other pre-law students, if you wish to attend.

Let’s work together to figure out the best way to address your law school goals today. Thanks for taking the time to read this – it would be a privilege to work together with you, help you bring the LSAT to its knees, and turn you into another ScoreItUp success story.

*Comparing initial mock exam score to official LSAT score. Results vary, of course…but those are some impressive stats!