about scoreitup and mark sacks

My name is Mark Sacks and I founded ScoreItUp LSAT Prep in 2008 after working as an instructor for a national LSAT Prep company, graduating from Harvard Law School, teaching the LSAT’s “legal reasoning skills” to thousands of University students, and scoring in the 99th percentile on the LSAT.

When I founded ScoreItUp, I recognized that I could provide you with a far superior LSAT Prep course (as well as a better value for your hard-earned money) by “cutting out the middleman,” eliminating the LSAT Prep gimmicks and focusing on what really matters: learning the best LSAT Prep strategies, and understanding precisely why the right answers to LSAT questions are right, and why the wrong answers are wrong.

From ScoreItUp’s inception, my mission was to provide you with (1) a significantly more thorough, comprehensive and effective LSAT Prep course than corporate test prep companies can offer, (2) a far greater level of quality control (by guaranteeing you that the company owner will teach your course and using only real LSAT questions), and (3) a more personalized experience that feels similar to having your own LSAT Prep tutor. ScoreItUp provide you with all the basics you get at the best corporate LSAT Prep companies, but much more.

Fortunately, the results support my belief that high-quality LSAT Prep instruction matters. ScoreItUp students have achieved exceptional results, including (1) an outstanding +15 point average practice LSAT score increase, (2) a world record for student 180 LSAT scores, (3) enormous, merit-based scholarships to Top 10, regional and/or local law schools, and (4) LSAT score increases that sometimes equal or exceed 35 LSAT points (an approximate 88 percentile increase).* Countless ScoreItUp students have earned acceptance into the nation’s top legal institutions, including Harvard, Stanford, Columbia, Chicago, NYU, UC Berkeley, Virginia, Michigan, Penn, Duke, Northwestern, Cornell, Georgetown, UCLA, USC and UCI.

On a more personal note, I still vividly recall the stress of being in your shoes and studying for this critically important exam. As strange as it may sound, ScoreItUp is a business that combined two of my biggest passions in life: teaching and the LSAT (a logic-based exam that I am convinced is more fun than any one you will ever take). I have devoted my entire career to teaching LSAT Prep, as well as working with the “legal reasoning skills” tested on the LSAT as a University professor and practicing attorney. I began my legal career spending several years as a “BigLaw” civil litigator, and then became a career criminal prosecutor – but teaching has always been at the very core of who I am.

Preparing for the LSAT with an instructor who may have questionable teaching credentials and motivation levels is the last thing you need. For that reason, and in stark contrast to the industry norm, I guarantee in writing the most important part of your LSAT Prep course: the instructor teaching it!  All your Live OnlineSelf Paced and 1-on-1 LSAT Prep lessons are guaranteed to be taught by me, the owner of ScoreItUp. I have the success of my business riding on every LSAT Prep course I teach, including yours. My courses are updated every year, and we work with only real LSAT questions and the best LSAT Prep strategies on the market.

My LSAT Prep teaching background and training include:

-personally teaching LSAT Prep to thousands of students (beginning before I went to law school!),

-routinely providing LSAT Prep workshops to all the top Universities in Southern California,

-developing and teaching over 50 law courses to undergraduate, graduate and working professional students at UCI, Chapman and CSUF (including UCI’s “Legal Reasoning and the Law” course),

-writing extensively on LSAT Prep and the law school admission process,

-creating all of ScoreItUp’s LSAT Prep course programs,

-working as an Advisory Committee member to Harvard University’s Admission Committee, and

-working with the legal reasoning skills tested on the LSAT at Harvard Law School, and as a University law professor, criminal prosecutor and former “BigLaw” civil litigator.

Your live online course will be taught by me in a lighthearted classroom environment designed to motivate you to succeed…and appreciate just how fun studying for the LSAT can be. ScoreItUp has an A+ rating with the BBB, and you are welcome to review student evaluations about my courses in Student Comments, Student Stories and yelp.com. Here is a sample:

“Mark has a unique ability to explain complex concepts in a common sense way that anyone can understand and remember.” -Ana D.

“I was truly mind blown that someone could be so capable to teach such complex subjects this way.” – Mackenzie B.

“The money I spent on ScoreItUp is undoubtedly the best investment I have ever made.” – Robert M.

“Mark has a thoughtful and precise answer to any question you may have about the LSAT.”  – Aaron B.

“After ScoreItUp, I was able to do what I did not think was possible of me.” – Manuel E.

“You could not go a single day in Mark’s classes without laughing.” -Nadia J. 

If you are ready to dramatically improve your future law school options, please select the ScoreItUp Live OnlineSelf Paced or 1-on-1 course that works best for your schedule. If you have any questions, please email me directly at mark@scoreitup.com. Let’s work together – starting today – to get you into your dream law school, save you a ton of money and turn you into another ScoreItUp success story!

*Comparing initial mock exam score to official LSAT score. Results vary, of course…but those are some impressive stats!