world record - student 180 LSAT scores

ScoreItUp focuses on teaching LSAT Prep effectively using  the best LSAT Prep strategies on the market. ScoreItUp also provides students with a rigorous and entertaining live-course format, and guarantees all course lessons will be taught by the company’s owner…and not a part-time, student instructor.

Those all are key reasons for ScoreItUp’s consistently excellent student reviews and outstanding student results, including a +15 point average practice score increase. Along those lines, a special thank-you is in order for ScoreItUp students Michael R. and Mark W. – they both earned a 180 on their official LSAT’s and helped ScoreItUp earn a world record achievement by having one instructor personally coach multiple students in the same year to a perfect 180 LSAT score!* Here are the details to put this exciting accomplishment into perspective:

  • A total of 26 perfect LSAT scores (i.e., 180 on the 120-180 scale) were achieved worldwide during the year out of 113,778 people taking the LSAT – that made the odds of achieving a 180 approximately 1 in 4400 (0.02%).
  • Two of the 26 students (7.7%) who got a perfect 180 score that year (Michael R. and Mark W.) were students of mine in my live ScoreItUp courses in Orange County, California.
  • This is the first time in history (to my knowledge) that one LSAT Prep instructor personally coached multiple students in one calendar year to a perfect LSAT score.
  • Another way of looking at the same data is that over 2% of ScoreItUp students earned a perfect 180 LSAT score that year, and only 0.02% of students accomplished the same feat through all other forms of LSAT preparation combined!

*UPDATE: Another ScoreItUp student earns a perfect 180 LSAT score (August ’21 LSAT) – see details here!