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Listed below is a complete, unedited and independently verifiable set of student evaluations from a large undergraduate law course taught by Mark Sacks at UC Irvine. Please scroll to the bottom for details regarding the collection and maintenance of these UCI Student Evaluations.

Comments on instructor and/or course:

“great teaching techniques, made the class interesting and interactive for students, and made it easy to understand concepts”

“Loved this class and learned quite a bit. Mr. Sacks is a great teacher, and funny too. Would recommended this class to any student.”

“This is by far the best instructor / professor / lecturer I have ever had at UCI. UCI should do everything in their power to retain a gem like Mark Sacks. He truly shines and connects with the students intellectually, emotionally, and mentally unlike any other faculty member I have ever had. If I had to say one thing it would be to use Mark’s teaching methods, presentation and class content delivery system as a model for all UCI faculty and staff. He is truly exemplary and I wish him all of the best. Watch out, he might be recruited to go teach at Harvard Law School…..he is that GOOD! I really enjoy how he keeps is ego out of the game and truly concentrates on teaching us what we need to know for the future. He is a true innovator! Do all that you can to patent his style of teaching – you would do this failing University some good!”

“I first thought the study of employment legal issues would be incredibly boring. however the way he taught the material…actually made me very interested in becoming a employment lawyer! Great professor, great attorney!”

“Great instructor one of the best classes I have taken at UCI”

“Great Professor. One of the best I’ve ever taken at UCI.”

“Amazing lecturer. Had a great ability to get the students interested in the subject. Lectures were entertaining, informative, and interactive. One of my favorite professors at UCI. I took this class because he was teaching it – I had him in a previous course which was also fantastic and wanted to have another great experience.”

“Mark is an excellent lecturer!”

“This professor/class has single handedly convinced me to go to law school. I am so happy I had the opportunity to take a course with this professor before I graduated. Having attorneys teach crim classes is an invaluable asset to the CLS major, they give an entirely different perspective on course material than the other professors do.”

“Professor Sacks was an amazing professor to have this quarter. The classes were interesting, relatable to the current times, and his personal stories helped make the concepts easier to understand. By far, he was one of the most impressive professors I have ever taken, and I would recommend any one of his classes to anyone that asks.”

“Professor Sacks is amazing. There is no one better.”

“Although Employment Law is not something you might think you can survive 3-hour-lectures, Prof. Sachs made it interesting with his real life examples from past cases and stimulated our thinking about the real world situations in our lives as employees and future employers. Thank you for outlining the lectures, it eased the understanding, and thank you for a great quarter.”

“Sacks made a boring topic be EXTREMELY informational and exciting. he did a great job with making a three hour class enjoyable and kept everyone in tune with what we were learning.”

“great instructor.”

“Great teacher, very knowledgeable of subject, great lecturer”

“he is the best teacher at UCI. Professor Sacks is one of the best professors I’ve ever had. He clearly has a great understanding of legal proceedings and relates this information very well to the students. His lectures are interesting and thought-provoking. He stimulates student interest and is approachable for help.”

“best teacher ever!!! He likes to learn names and remembers them well. It shows that he is interested in his students. He makes you feel important in the class.”


“Course was enjoyable but given the time constraints it felt that several concepts were not given sufficient time to be discussed so we did not get a complete picture of employment law in that area, and therefore certain topics felt a bit bias because sufficient time was not allocated to both arguments. Also I wished the book would elaborate more on some issues because certain issues just felt like they ended abruptly or such as the case of religious discrimination, never really addressed in the book or in the class but was the basis for one of the term papers. Overall I found the class to be a stimulating which I enjoyed, I just wish there was more time to flesh topics out.”

“Great class! Professor Sacks is not only entertaining but brilliant! He makes complicated concepts understandable and class fun! :)”

“Your class has been one of my favorites at UCI! Thank you for a wonderful quarter!”

“Great professor (or lecturer) – probably my favorite out of all my time spent at UCI. Although all of the “7s” I gave seems excessive, and would appear to come from somebody who just liked the guy and quickly evaluated this with all good marks – they are honest measures of him and the class. Incredible class and incredible person – stimulated interest, and taught me more than I have learned in any other class. He invited us to watch him in court, and that was a real treat to see that. Great guy and lecturer.”

“Professor Sacks is a great instructor and an asset to UCI. He is very clear and precise when explaining things to students, and really knows how to engage the class.”

“I loved this class. Never have i felt like i learned so much in just 3 hrs. Great subject”

“very intelligent, very helpful, wonderful professor. i wish he taught more classes.”

“Great instructor, Harvard Law graduate. Very valuable at UCI to have Harvard graduates lecturing. Highly important class, every student should be required to take this class, to be able to protect themselves in the workplace. I will take much with me due to this course. I’ve been discriminated against at the workplace before…I will never again tolerate it, there are protections. These are great tools to have in life.”

“Mr. Sacks is an excellent instructor. He really loves the subject and makes the class interesting for everyone. Interaction is great and everyone really enjoys him. Great guy!”

“You made an interesting topic even more enjoyable.”

“The only issue I would say was that the questions for the test were really tricky. I also had issues with the term papers outline; it was to broad and maybe a more outlined paper would be better.”

“Material was presented very well, had a good time learning about various acts of legislation and how it applied to life as an employee.”

“Professor Sacks is one of my favorite lecturers during my enrollment in UCI. He is very organized and informative which makes his lecture enjoyable. I loved his class so much that i will be taking another class during the summer with him.”

“I really enjoyed the enthusiasm by the teacher in lectures, the readings were appropriate and not too extensive. I learned a lot from this class about employment law and am happy i took the class. See you at the LSAT classes.”

“wonderful class, information I can apply in the real world!!”

“thanks for everything!!!! I appreciated the supplement material that was given because it contained an outline for that week’s lecture. It helped clear any points up that were confusing in lecture. One recommendation I have is to make the term paper more structured. I guess as college students, we are used to writing papers that have more structure and more instruction regarding what to write about. It was hard to be creative without having some guidance. Overall, the class was very enjoyable and Professor Sacks was VERY entertaining. I liked that he gave personal examples of cases he was involved with to show his point.”

“Awesome. You made a subject that could be horribly boring with a bad professor so interesting, thanks!”

“He is one of the best professor UCI have. I hope he could teach more classes for UCI. I think, it will be good for future studenst if he teach Criminal law. You learn a lot with this professor.”

Background Information Regarding UCI Student Evaluations

The UC Irvine student comments listed above are a complete and entirely unedited set of all of the written student comments from the final course evaluations of a large upper-division undergraduate law course taught by Mark Sacks at UC Irvine. Each written comment is from a different student.

  • There hasn’t been a single word, or a single comment, that has been added, deleted, or changed. EVERY student comment is included in its entirety. You get it all – the good ones, the constructive ones, the typos, and the colorful ones are all there!
  • The student evaluations are not collected or maintained by ScoreItUp or by Mark Sacks. UC Irvine was entirely responsible for requesting, collecting, and maintaining these evaluations, and can independently verify their accuracy.
  • In order to ensure candor, students completing these evaluations are informed that their evaluations (a) will remain completely anonymous at all times, and (b) will not be given (even anonymously) to the professor until after grades have been submitted.
  • The student evaluations are collected before students take the final exam or receive their final grade, to further ensure a candid evaluation of the professor.

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