top 15 reasons to choose scoreitup

This was intended to be a “Top 10” list, but it just couldn’t be done! Please take a look below at 15 things students may want to consider when comparing ScoreItUp to other forms of LSAT Prep (click each link for more details).

Your LSAT score is the most important part of your law school application, and your instructor is going to be the most significant component of your LSAT Prep course. ScoreItUp does not use part-time student instructors, instructors without a law school education, or instructors lacking formal training in the legal reasoning skills tested on the LSAT. All ScoreItUp students get a written, money-back guarantee that Mark Sacks will teach all course lessons. As the company’s owner and founder, I have a vested personal interest in (1) the success of ScoreItUp students on both the LSAT and their law school applications, and (2) the quality of their LSAT Prep course and experience. That motivation and level of commitment is not going to be matched by a part-time or student instructor!

I may not know my way around a slinky (take the course and you’ll find out why!), and don’t let me cook you a lemon meringue pie, but you are unlikely to find an instructor anywhere with more relevant LSAT Prep teaching experience and expertise. I have devoted my entire professional career to teaching and working with the “legal reasoning skills” tested on the LSAT. In addition to teaching thousands of LSAT Prep students, I have taught over 50 law courses to undergraduate, graduate and working-professional students (including developing and teaching UCI’s “Legal Reasoning and the Law” course, demonstrating the connection between LSAT concepts and real-life law cases). After all, teaching LSAT Prep effectively requires a lot more than just a high LSAT score!

ScoreItUp focuses on providing instruction quality with unmatched clarity, simplifying the LSAT, and providing a more thorough and rigorous LSAT Prep course. By doing so, ScoreItUp has helped its students (a) earn acceptance into the country’s top law schools, (b) earn full-tuition scholarships into top-tier, regional and local law schools, (c) set a world record for perfect 180 LSAT scores in one year, and (d) earn a 15-point average practice LSAT score increase, including score increases that sometimes exceed 30 LSAT points (over 85 percentile!). And all that has come from using just one instructor in one location. Student results obviously vary but those are some impressive stats!

The key to teaching LSAT Prep effectively is…teaching! One can review extensive student comments from my students on ScoreItUp’s website, as well as on Also, unlike certain LSAT Prep companies, ScoreItUp has never published a fake student comment on any website, law school forum, or internet chat site. You also are welcome to speak to former ScoreItUp students – just email me at for details!

ScoreItUp is the classic example of a business that gives you more and charges you less by “cutting out the middleman.” ScoreItUp courses offer more live class hours than any of its competitors (in-class or “live online”).  ScoreItUp also offers a better value, guarantees that the company owner will teach all of your course lessons, and includes all online resources (including ScoreItUp’s online video course, massive online document library, and immensely helpful Personal Statement and Writing Sample video tutorials) at no extra charge. You get more and pay less – who doesn’t like that?!

Other LSAT Prep companies typically are founded by people who have no legal education and no formal training in the “legal reasoning skills” tested on the LSAT.  They can’t come close to providing the intangible benefits that ScoreItUp provides – and neither can “self-study”!  Here are just a few examples of the added benefits – beyond just a much better LSAT score – of a live ScoreItUp course, all of which are included at no additional charge:

  • invaluable advice on the “soft factors” of the admission process (personal statements, letters of recommendation, negotiating merit-based scholarships, and more),
  • video tutorial (for both live and online students) on writing a very effective personal statement.
  • video tutorial (for both live and online students) on writing an excellent Writing Sample on the LSAT.

Every ScoreItUp class includes extensive networking opportunities to meet practicing lawyers, current law students and other pre-law students. I routinely help students gain connections to secure legal internships, watch lawyers in action, observe high-profile jury trials, and attend presentations by practicing lawyers about what their work life is actually like. Every ScoreItUp class also includes after-class happy hours (live or “live online”) and ScoreItUp’s annual Summer Law Mixer (which will return post-pandemic!). These social events are a lot of fun, allow interested students to get to know each other in informal settings, and have the chance to meet other lawyers and law students. Why not develop connections at an early stage in one’s legal career…and have fun doing so?!

The LSAT’s officially stated purpose is to test a student’s “legal reasoning” ability (i.e., the legal reasoning skills used in law school and the practice of law), as explained here. In order to teach the LSAT’s legal reasoning skills, an instructor should have legal reasoning skills! I have devoted my entire professional career to working with the legal reasoning (and legal writing) skills tested on the LSAT. Other companies typically are founded by people without a law school education, and with no legal reasoning training at all. If you needed surgery, you would want your surgeon to have solid medical credentials and training – why not expect equivalent legal and teaching credentials in the person coaching you on the most important standardized exam you have ever taken?!

If you are looking for a dry, dull course taught by a humorless and impersonal instructor, ScoreItUp is not for you! My lighthearted approach to teaching complex material will make your ScoreItUp course far more fun, inspiring and personable than you expected.

Intriguing murder and attempted murder cases. Outrageous results in actual criminal and civil cases. Wild “summer associate” antics. ScoreItUp believes strongly in making the learning process an entertaining one. Your live (in-class or “live online”) lessons routinely include “war stories” taken from my experiences as a civil litigator, criminal prosecutor and former law school student. These stories amplify lessons by providing (1) real-life examples that help illustrate and clarify the “legal reasoning” underlying LSAT questions, (2) information about job opportunities for lawyers, law students, and pre-law students, and (3) an entertaining look at how intriguing (and amusing) the legal profession can be. Why not enjoy the added benefit of learning about the legal profession, and how to be an effective and successful lawyer, while preparing for the LSAT?!

LSAT Prep does not stop when ScoreItUp’s lessons are done! My ScoreItUp courses provide extensive online information, including (1) step-by-step methods and strategies for answering all types of LSAT questions on each section of the LSAT, (2) detailed summaries explaining all of the major LSAT topics, using only the best LSAT Prep material, (3) thorough explanations of how to approach and efficiently answer all types of LSAT questions, and (4) quizzes that reinforce key LSAT concepts. ScoreItUp’s online resources are carefully synthesized to supplement and amplify my lessons, and avoid inconsistencies that can occur when the person creating the online material is different than your instructor.

In addition to the basics, your LSAT Prep instructor should be able to help you with the most difficult LSAT questions! I make sure to (1) explain even the most challenging LSAT concepts and questions, and (2) work heavily on timing issues to help you answer LSAT questions efficiently (a key part of LSAT success). The goal is to ensure that you learn how to answer all types of LSAT questions effectively, efficiently, and with confidence!

ScoreItUp is a “specialist” in the true sense of the word! ScoreItUp focuses exclusively on LSAT Prep, and does not divide its attention by teaching other standardized tests (e.g., the GRE, the SAT, etc.). ScoreItUp also works with only real LSAT questions (i.e., not “fake” LSAT questions made up by the test prep company). In addition, by updating ScoreItUp’s courses every year, students are assured that they also will be working on an extensive number of recent LSAT exams!

ScoreItUp’s “higher score guarantee” is the best guarantee in the LSAT Prep world for one simple reason: it is straightforward, and does not include all the “fine print” limitations that other companies use!  You are eligible to retake the course for free, or get a full refund of your course fee, if you do not get a higher score on the official LSAT after taking ScoreItUp’s course.ScoreItUp does not make the “higher score guarantee” a bureaucratic headache for you. For example, you do not need to:

  • prove how many of my LSAT Prep lessons you actually attended,
  • prove that you “made up” for the lessons you missed, or
  • prove that you did all or most of the assigned homework (if your dog eats your homework, you still can qualify for the refund!).

And, as an added piece of reassurance, if you find a “higher score guarantee” at another company that you think is better, just let me know before enrolling…ScoreItUp very likely will match it. You’d get the same terms they offer, the same price they charge, the same number of class hours they provide…and the same “fine print” they impose!Here are the basic steps you need to follow to be eligible for ScoreItUp’s higher score guarantee:

  1. Prior to the start of the live course, advise me by email (to that you previously took the official LSAT.
  2. Take the official LSAT again at the next LSAT date immediately following the final class meeting of your live ScoreItUp course.
  3. If you do not receive a higher LSAT score than your previous official LSAT score(s), advise me by email (to within 90 days after the last meeting of your live ScoreItUp course, attach your official score report showing all of your official LSAT scores, and request a repeat course or refund.
  4. To be eligible, you must be taking ScoreItUp’s live (classroom) course for the first time.
  5. To be eligible for the refund, you also must arrange to return your LSAT practice exam books to me.

ScoreItUp has earned the right (1) to describe its students’ impressive LSAT scores and improvement, (2) to make straightforward claims about the quality and significant advantages of its courses over its competitors and self-study, and (3) to post extensive student comments about its courses. ScoreItUp avoids the gimmicks and fake stuff that don’t help improve LSAT scores, and focuses on what matters: more hours of live instruction, more proctored mock exams, more effective and well-integrated online resources, and greater instruction clarity and quality!