Next “Live Stream” courses begin April 24th! ScoreItUp consistently delivers unparalleled results and an unbeatable value by “cutting out the middleman.” Flexible, exceptionally effective and personalized Live Stream and  On Demand courses offered year-round.  Analysis of thousands of real LSAT questions incorporating the best LSAT Prep strategies on the market – all taught by a Harvard Law grad with extensive LSAT Prep teaching experience and a proven track record. 

course comparison

Live Instruction + Exam Hours963236
Live Instruction Hours603236
Mock Exams900
Instructor = Company OwnerYESnono
Instructor = University ProfessorYES??
Instructor = Harvard Law School GradYES??
Personal Statement TutorialYESnono
Writing Sample TutorialYESnono
Admission Counseling IncludedYESnono
Tutoring Done by Company OwnerYESnono
Teaches LSAT OnlyYESnono

* Hours and prices quoted above are for ScoreItUp’s live-stream classroom “triple course.” ScoreItUp offers “live stream” single (32 hours), double (64 hours), triple (96 hours) and GO BIG (quadruple) (128 hours) classroom courses of unmatched quality and value. Students also have the option to “supersize” their live-stream course for a VERY modest fee. Live-stream classroom course prices begin at $899 (“all-inclusive”). Please go to Live Stream to enroll, and see On Demand for alternative course options. ScoreItUp’s competitors typically use a wide variety of part-time instructors with varying credentials, and do NOT provide any of these instructor guarantees. Competitor information may vary by location. Based upon information publicly available – please contact ScoreItUp regarding any perceived errors in the above information.

student comments

“Most helpful course I have ever taken in my life.” – Ashley D.
“I was truly mind blown that someone could be so capable to teach such complex subjects this way.” -Mackenzie B.
“There is no one I’d trust more than Mark when it comes to preparing for the LSAT.” – Ben M.
“The quality of the teaching technique was phenomenal.” -Jacquelyne D.
“Mark’s expertise on how to master the LSAT is matched only by his great sense of humor.” – Kyle P.
“Mark, simply put, is an amazing teacher.” – Robyn L.
“Trust me, you will not find another LSAT Prep course remotely as good as ScoreItUp.” – Randy T.
“Mark is ridiculously hilarious.” -Angela P.
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course highlights

ScoreItUp’s “Live Stream” Courses Include:

Instructor Guarantee

All lessons guaranteed to be taught by ScoreItUp’s owner, Mark Sacks.

Unmatched Class Hours

128 live (or live stream) class hours. More than any competitor

All-Inclusive Fee

Includes 20 live lessons; 12 proctored exams; online video course; online document library; quizzes; all books and PrepTests; and much more!

Intangible Benefits

Expert advice on law school applications, personal statements and the LSAT’s Writing Sample; internship assistance and networking opportunities; and much more! See Top 15.

Excellent Value

“Cutting out the middleman” = more live instruction hours, more proctored exams, guaranteed instructor, and better prices!

Higher Score Guarantee

Higher score guarantee and “matching” higher score guarantee. See Top 15.

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