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Live (In-Person) Course Options

ScoreItUp’s Live Courses Include:

Instructor Guarantee

All lessons guaranteed to be taught by ScoreItUp’s owner, Mark Sacks.

Unmatched Class Hours

100 live classroom hours. More than any competitor (be sure to read their fine print!). Details.

All-Inclusive Fee

Includes 18 live lessons; 7 proctored exams; online video course; online document library; quizzes; all books and PrepTests; and much more!

Intangible Benefits

Expert advice on law school applications, personal statements and the LSAT’s Writing Sample; internship assistance and networking opportunities; and much more! See Top 15.

Excellent Value

“Cutting out the middleman” = more instruction hours, more proctored exams, guaranteed instructor, and better prices!

Higher Score Guarantee

Higher score guarantee and “matching” higher score guarantee. See Top 15.

Online Video Course Options

1 Month-$299

Complete 24/7 access to ScoreItUp’s online video course for 1 month.

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3 Months-$499

Complete 24/7 access to ScoreItUp’s online video course for 3 months.

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9 Months-$699

Complete 24/7 access to ScoreItUp’s online video course for 9 months.

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ScoreItUp’s 24/7 Online Video Course Includes:

Instructor Guarantee

All lessons guaranteed to be taught by ScoreItUp’s owner, Mark Sacks.

22 Video Lessons

Each lesson includes a series of well-organized “mini-lessons” covering each subject on the LSAT. Pause, play, skip or repeat each “mini-lesson” as often as you’d like.  Details

Online Documents

Step-by- step strategies on attacking each LSAT section; explanations to all homework LSAT questions; quizzes; and much more!

Flexible + Convenient

Study anywhere you want. Study anytime you want. Repeat lessons as often as you want. Self-paced learning at its finest!

Intangible Benefits

Detailed video instruction and expert tips on law school applications, personal statements, the LSAT’s Writing Sample, and much more!

Excellent Value

Cutting out the Middleman” = more thorough instruction, flexible course options, guaranteed instructor and better prices!

1-on-1 Coaching/Tutoring Includes:

Tutor Guarantee

All tutoring done directly with ScoreItUp’s owner, Mark Sacks.


Work on your individual LSAT problem areas and/or work on law school applications and personal statements.

Focused Attention

1-on-1 instruction and expert advice focused entirely on your needs.

Supplemental Instruction

1-on-1 tutoring with Mark is an excellent way to reinforce and clarify material covered in ScoreItUp’s live or online lessons!

Excellent Value

Hourly rate is priced competitively with fees other companies charge for part-time or student instructors!

No Wasted Hours

You do not need to buy a large block of hours to get ScoreItUp’s discounted tutoring rates. Pay only for what you want!

course comparison

 ScoreItUp Kaplan
Live Instruction + Exam Hours10040
Live Lesson Hours7228
Mock Exams73
Teaching Experience GuaranteedYESno
Law School GraduateYESno
Admissions Counseling IncludedYESno
LSAC Official Prep Book IncludedYESno
Instructor = Company’s OwnerYESno
Teaches LSAT OnlyYESno
Private Tutoring AvailableYESno

*Price is all-inclusive, and includes “10 at 10” early-enrollment discount available to all students.

ScoreItUp´s competitors typically use a wide variety of part-time instructors with varying credentials, and do NOT provide any of these instructor guarantees. Competitors’ course offerings and prices may vary by location. Based upon information publicly available – please contact ScoreItUp regarding any perceived errors in the above information.

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