Early-enrollment discounts extended to Tuesday May 18th! Live Stream and Self Paced courses updated to the new 2021-2023 LSAT format, using only the best LSAT Prep strategies on the market. More instruction hours, exceptional results + an unbeatable value. All lessons taught by the company owner, a Harvard Law grad with unmatched teaching credentials and a world record for student 180 LSAT scores. 

course comparison

Live Instruction + Exam Hours583237
Live Instruction Hours403237
Live Mock Exams600
Instructor = Company OwnerYESnono
Instructor = University ProfessorYES??
Instructor = Harvard Law School GradYES??
Personal Statement TutorialYESnono
Writing Sample TutorialYESnono
Admission Counseling IncludedYESnono
Tutoring Done by Company OwnerYESnono
Teaches LSAT OnlyYESnono

* Hours and prices quoted above are for ScoreItUp’s live-stream classroom “double course.” ScoreItUp offers “live stream” courses ranging from 29-116 classroom hours, with “all-inclusive” prices beginning at $899.  Please go to Live Stream to enroll, and see On Demand for alternative options. Please contact ScoreItUp regarding any perceived errors in the above information.

student comments

“Most helpful course I have ever taken in my life.” – Ashley D.
“I was truly mind blown that someone could be so capable to teach such complex subjects this way.” -Mackenzie B.
“There is no one I’d trust more than Mark when it comes to preparing for the LSAT.” – Ben M.
“The quality of the teaching technique was phenomenal.” -Jacquelyne D.
“Mark’s expertise on how to master the LSAT is matched only by his great sense of humor.” – Kyle P.
“Mark, simply put, is an amazing teacher.” – Robyn L.
“Trust me, you will not find another LSAT Prep course remotely as good as ScoreItUp.” – Randy T.
“Mark is ridiculously hilarious.” -Angela P.
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course highlights

ScoreItUp’s “Live Stream” Courses Include:

Instructor Guarantee

All lessons guaranteed to be taught by ScoreItUp’s owner, Mark Sacks.

Unmatched Class Hours

116 live (or live stream) class hours. More than any competitor

All-Inclusive Fee

Includes 20 live lessons; 12 proctored exams; online video course; online document library; quizzes; all books and PrepTests; and much more!

Intangible Benefits

Expert advice on law school applications, personal statements and the LSAT’s Writing Sample; internship assistance and networking opportunities; and much more! See Top 15.

Excellent Value

“Cutting out the middleman” = more live instruction hours, more proctored exams, guaranteed instructor, and better prices!

Higher Score Guarantee

Higher score guarantee and “matching” higher score guarantee. See Top 15.

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