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In The Spotlight: RD’s 178 Practice LSAT Score

My ScoreItUp LSAT Prep students frequently have different goals. Some want to get into a local, ABA-accredited law school and are looking to raise their LSAT score into the 150’s. Others are looking to get into a Tier 1 law school, possibly with a significant merit-based scholarship, and seek a score in the 160’s. And […]

LSAT Test Dates 2021

2024 LSAT Test Dates – UPDATED!

Here are the LSAC’s published testing dates through June 2024. Additional testing dates in August, September, October and November 2024 (without the Analytical Reasoning (Logic Games) section) are anticipated to be offered by LSAC. 2024 LSAT Test Dates: January 12-13, 2024 [registration deadline = November 30] February 9-10, 2024 [registration deadline = December 26] April […]

#1 LSAT Prep Tip (From Current LSAT Prep Students)

I recently asked my ScoreItUp students what would be their #1 tip to new or future LSAT Prep students. I was surprised by the tremendous uniformity of their answers. While I agree completely with their suggestion, I was taken aback by how universal the recommendation was. #1 LSAT Prep Tip From Current LSAT Prep Students […]

Does Adderall Help Your LSAT Performance?

Introduction and Summary: Stimulants Caused A 9% Decrease In Cognitive Performance Students sometimes believe that taking stimulants such as Adderall or Ritalin (commonly prescribed for ADHD) improve cognitive performance on tasks such as the LSAT. A recent study corroborates other studies suggesting that the opposite is true for people who do not need the drug. […]

ScoreItUp Superstars: Where are they now?

People are often curious what happens to pre-law students who do well on the LSAT. While this list could use some updating to reflect many of the more recent ScoreItUp superstars, here is a tiny sample of what some former ScoreItUp students are doing now: