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In The Spotlight: RD’s 178 Practice LSAT Score

My ScoreItUp LSAT Prep students frequently have different goals. Some want to get into a local, ABA-accredited law school and are looking to raise their LSAT score into the 150’s. Others are looking to get into a Tier 1 law school, possibly with a significant merit-based scholarship, and seek a score in the 160’s. And […]

LSAT Test Dates 2021

2022-2023 LSAT Test Dates – UPDATED!

The LSAC recently published some additional testing dates through June 2023. Here they are: Future LSAT Test Dates (2022-2023): January 15, 2022 (week of) (new, 4-section LSAT format) February 12, 2022 (week of) (new, 4-section LSAT format) March 12, 2022 (week of) (new, 4-section LSAT format) April 29/30, 2022 (new, 4-section LSAT format) June 10/11, […]

How To Improve Your LSAT Score By 20+ Points

You certainly can improve your LSAT score with diligent practice and sound instruction.  ScoreItUp students in the past have averaged a 15-point LSAT score increase, comparing their first-to-best practice LSAT scores (using real LSATs in timed settings – full details can be seen here).  Some students, like Nick D., have increased 35 LSAT points (comparing […]

ScoreItUp Student Earns a Perfect 180 On The LSAT…Again!

I am thrilled to announce that another ScoreItUp LSAT Prep student just earned a perfect 180 LSAT score! She did it on the most recent August ’21 LSAT, after taking my ScoreItUp “live online” course…and it was on her very first official LSAT.  As LSAT veterans know, a perfect 180 LSAT score is an exceptionally […]

LSAT Practice Exams: Best Use Of These Vital LSAT Prep Tools

LSAT Practice Exams The single most useful LSAT Prep tool are previously released LSAT exams. Using these exams as practice material is unquestionably important for any serious LSAT Prep student. The LSAC provides one-year access to the digital version of over 70 of these practice LSAT exams, and there are over 80 of them available […]

LSAT Prep Drilling: To Drill or Not to Drill in Your LSAT Practice

LSAT Prep Drilling One question I sometimes get from newer LSAT Prep students is what it means to “drill” LSAT questions, and whether or not it is a good idea.  Let’s discuss what LSAT Prep drilling is and isn’t, and the pro’s and con’s of doing so. LSAT Drilling Isn’t Simply LSAT Practice: Drilling Logical […]