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How Important Is An Extra $20,000 Per Year?

During my legal career, I have worked in jobs with varying amounts, and types, of compensation. These experiences made me appreciate that calculating the true value of “compensation” can be tricky. Along those lines, how important to new lawyers is an extra $20,000 per year? The answer is “it depends.” But before you conclude that […]

Life As A “BigLaw” Associate: “The #1 Worst And Unhappiest Job In America”?

Law school graduates often focus exclusively on salary, if they are fortunate enough to have choices. It makes sense to consider your salary and other financial benefits/perks when choosing a job, but it shouldn’t be the only factor you consider. Here is an article describing a book discussing what life as a New York “BigLaw” […]

Recent Law School Application Statistics: More Good News!

As you may know, law school applications have dropped dramatically in recent years. That tends to be very good news for law school hopefuls, since it means that getting into law school and/or getting scholarships to law school should be easier than during the peak application years.