orange county LSAT Prep classroom courses

COVID-19 update and ScoreItUp’s “live stream” courses: To continue offering you the same high-quality LSAT Prep courses while keeping everyone safe, I currently am offering the terrific option of “live stream” classroom courses: all lessons are “live” in real time, and you attend class from your home! When feasible, I will offer BOTH my live (in-class) courses in Costa Mesa, California, and my “live-stream” courses. For more details on my current “live stream” classroom courses, please see Live Stream or email me at

ScoreItUp offers (1) in-class courses in Orange County (which will resume at some point in the future, once it is feasible to do so), (2) “live stream” LSAT Prep classroom courses given live and in real-time worldwide, and (3) ultra-flexible “hybrid” and video course options available worldwide.

My “live” (in-class) courses are offered on Mon/Wed evenings in Costa Mesa, CA. Click the yellow tabs above for details.

  • GREAT: ScoreItUp’s “single courses” – 38 class hours at an unmatched, all-inclusive price.
  • BETTER:  ScoreItUp’s “double courses” – 76 class hours at an unmatched, all-inclusive price.
  • BEST:  ScoreItUp’s “triple courses” – 114 class hours at an unmatched, all-inclusive price.
  • Take the earliest course your schedule permits – more prep time is better than less.
  • All class lessons are taught by me (and not by part-time or student instructors).
  • The listed class hours are actual classroom hours.
  • Please click the yellow tabs above or email me at for more details.

My “classroom” courses are offered live (in-class) in Costa Mesa, CA on Mon/Wed evenings beginning at 6:15 p.m. PST.  Please click a course-box above for details.

The number of LSAT dates has increased and ScoreItUp is keeping up by offering you even more options, greater flexibility and exceptional values in 2020. See the course boxes above for more details and to enroll, or email any questions to me at

  • My “live” in-class courses are tentatively scheduled to resume in Late Summer!  (“Live-stream” and “hybrid” classroom courses also will continue being offered.)
  • Lessons are on Mon/Wed evenings beginning at 6:15 p.m. PST. All course meetings will be at National University, 3390 Harbor Blvd., Costa Mesa, CA 92626.
  • The lessons also will be recorded so you can watch any missed lessons (or replay them) at any time.
  • All “live” in-class lessons are taught by me (and not by part-time or student instructors).
  • Double and triple courses contain more class hours than any competitor!
  • All of the following written material and online resources are included in your course, and are specifically designed to reinforce my “live” in-class lessons:
    • LSAT practice exam books, including 30-50 real LSAT exams (3,000-5,000 real LSAT questions, depending upon which course length you take).
    • Extensive LSAT Prep outlines and step-by-step strategies for attacking each LSAT section.
    • Additional outlines providing specific explanations, with examples, of the LSAT’s “core” logic and legal reasoning concepts (e.g., symbolic logic, cause and effect, etc.).
    • Detailed analysis of the different types of LSAT questions and the digital LSAT format.
    • Precise explanations to over 3,000 real LSAT questions (including explanations to all homework and mock exams), designed to reinforce classroom lessons.
    • ScoreItUp’s entire online document library and video course, both of which reinforce classroom lessons and assist in answering LSAT questions accurately and efficiently.
    • My online video tutorial on the LSAT Writing section, providing a time-tested formula and examples to show you how to write an exceptionally persuasive Writing Sample.
    • My online video tutorial on Personal Statements, providing extensive guidance on how to make your life story resonate powerfully with law school admission committees.
    • Complete recordings of all “live” in-class lessons in case you miss a lesson or want to watch one or more lessons again.
    • Significant discounts on ScoreItUp’s optional bootcamps, 1-on-1 tutoring, and assistance on your personal statement and law school applications (all done with me).
    • Students have access to all online resources for an additional two weeks following their last course meeting, or can pay a very modest fee for even longer online access.