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Do you want to take a live-stream ScoreItUp course with me but can’t make the Monday/Wednesday evening lessons?  My ScoreItUp “hybrid live-stream” courses allow you to start anytime! You get (1) FULL access to all online resources, (2) all recorded live-stream lessons AND (3) optional proctored exams.

My “hybrid live-stream” and “online video” course options are convenient, flexible and fun ways to prepare for the LSAT from your own home! Click the course options above for details.

  • GOOD: ScoreItUp’s online video course – 3 months of access to all of ScoreItUp’s online resources at an excellent price.
  • GREAT: ScoreItUp’s single “hybrid” live-stream courses – FULL 1-month course access at an excellent price.
  • BETTER:  ScoreItUp’s double “hybrid” live-stream courses – FULL 3-month course access at an excellent price.
  • BEST:  ScoreItUp’s triple “hybrid” live-stream courses – FULL 5-month course access at an excellent price.
  • The “hybrid live stream” courses are identical to my “live stream” classroom courses (and include all the extra goodies), except that you watch the recorded “live stream” lessons at your convenience (instead of attending them live on Mon/Wed evenings).
  • The “online video” course is my pre-recorded, full-length LSAT Prep course. It is included (for free) in my “live stream” and “hybrid live stream” courses, or can be purchased separately.
  • Begin whenever you want, but it is recommended that you start as early as your schedule permits – more prep time is better than less.
  • All “live stream” and “online video” class lessons are taught by me (and not by part-time or student instructors).
  • Please click the yellow tabs above or email me at for more details.


(SIU Online Student)

“My score jumped up 21 points from pretest to highest mock exam! My official score was in the 91st percentile, and my first choice school (tier 1) accepted me with a substantial scholarship!”