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The same exceptional LSAT Prep training offered in my live (in-class) courses, available worldwide, day or night, from the convenience of your own home. You watch the lessons when you want, and you can pause, play or repeat them to your heart’s content! If you have any questions, please email me at My online video course covers the same fundamentals that are discussed in my live course, and uses only real LSAT questions for all lessons and instruction. Here are just some of the enormous benefits of my ScoreItUp online video course:

  • Coverage of all the key LSAT Prep fundamentals in well-organized, short (3-5 minute) videos that are easy to watch, and can be repeated, paused or skipped depending upon YOUR needs.
  • Clear, detailed LSAT Prep online video instruction without the gimmicks.
  • Full access to ScoreItUp’s online document library, including (1) detailed outlines of all three graded LSAT subjects, (2) quizzes and quiz answers, and (3) clear explanations of over 3000 real LSAT questions, specifically designed to reinforce the fundamental LSAT Prep lessons.
  • Online video tutorial describing precisely how to handle the LSAT Writing sample, the portion of the LSAT that is copied and distributed to all law schools to which you apply.
  • All video course lessons and written explanations are prepared by me (and not by part-time student instructors!).
  • Please select the online video course option you prefer, and enroll by clicking one of the course boxes above!