ScoreItUp’s all NEW “live online” and “in person” LSAT Prep courses are tailored to the NEW and slightly modified LSAT (beginning August 2024). All courses also include ScoreItUp’s expanded and extensive “100 Legs of Logical Reasoning” training (details below).


  • The content of ScoreItUp’s “live online” (on Zoom) and “in person” courses (in Orange County, California) is identical.
  • All “live online” lessons are recorded and can be watched (or replayed) at other times.
  • Only real LSAT questions are used for all ScoreItUp lessons, homework and mock exams.
  • You do not need prior experience with the LSAT before taking a ScoreItUp course.
  • ScoreItUp understands that the single most important factor affecting the quality of your LSAT Prep course will be the same factor that affects the quality of your college and law school courses: the instructor teaching it!
  • ScoreItUp guarantees that all lessons are taught by the company’s founder, and not by a part-time or inexperienced instructor. As a result, class lessons provide a far more in-depth analysis of LSAT questions.
  • Course lessons are taught in a lighthearted manner, but they are thorough and rigorous. They are for serious students wanting to improve their LSAT score significantly.
  • ScoreItUp courses draw upon my 20+ years of LSAT Prep teaching experience – and my extensive experience working with the LSAT’s “legal reasoning” skills at Harvard Law School, as a University law professor, and as a practicing attorney.
  • You will learn all the main strategies taught by corporate LSAT Prep companies but much more…and receive instruction with unmatched clarity and precision to help you maximize your LSAT score!


  • The Logical Reasoning section is being renamed “Arguments” beginning with the new August 2024 LSAT.
  •  LSAC has stated that the LSAT tests “the logic and legal reasoning skills used in law school and the practice of law.” More than any other section, Arguments/Logical Reasoning (LR) tests those “legal reasoning” skills.
  • LSAC has doubled down on testing “legal reasoning” skills by DOUBLING the number of LSAT questions and point value of the Logical Reasoning section in the new LSAT (beginning in August 2024).
  • LSAC confirmed there will be no change in the LR content (i.e., types of LR questions, etc.) – the only thing changing is that there will be two (instead of one) LR sections, so LR will become roughly 2/3 of your LSAT score.
  • ScoreItUp has responded by substantially increasing its already extensive coverage of LR in all of its courses, including the content of Live Online/In Person lessons AND ScoreItUp’s massive online resources.
  • In addition to a comprehensive overview of the LR section, ScoreItUp’s extensive and expanded “100 Legs of Logical Reasoning” training explains the countless “little things” tested in the LSAT’s Logical Reasoning section. Collectively, a thorough understanding of these “100 legs” can massively improve your LSAT score.
  • We will work on an extensive number of LR questions from real LSATs, beginning with the first LR lesson. You will learn how to answer each LR question, the precise reason why the correct answer is correct and (when appropriate) why incorrect answers are incorrect.
  • All of the main LR question types will be analyzed in class, as well as the classic LR strategies and LSAT tricks routinely used in a wide variety of different LR question types.
  • By analyzing how to answer LSAT questions effectively and efficiently, you also will learn the LSAT’s “patterns” which consistently repeat themselves in future questions.
  • Each LR lesson will expose you to new and different LR question types and strategies, and you will develop additional “timing” strategies to help answer LR questions efficiently.


  • The point value of the RC section of the LSAT is not changing. ScoreItUp will continue to offer the strategies that consistently have helped students address this challenging section.
  • In addition, the strategies taught in the “100 Legs of Logical Reasoning” also will significantly impact your ability to handle the RC section. Many RC questions are identical to LR questions and involve the exact same “legal reasoning” skills.
  • ScoreItUp’s initial RC lesson will teach you all the key fundamentals necessary to mastering the RC section.
  • You will then apply these fundamentals to numerous RC sets from real LSATs, beginning with the first RC lesson. Each RC set will be analyzed, allowing you to see the optimal way to dissect each passage and answer the entire set of RC questions.
  • As the course progresses, all of the main types of RC passages will be analyzed in class. In each RC lesson, you will be exposed to new and different passages and RC questions, and you will develop additional “timing” strategies to help answer RC questions accurately and efficiently.
  • The common tricks used by the LSAT’s test writers in “wrong” answer choices to RC questions also will be explained and demonstrated by Mark.

SCOREITUP COURSE OPTIONS: Single, Double, Triple and “GO BIG”

  • ScoreItUp offers single, double, triple and GO BIG course options, designed to cater to a student’s budget and available time to prepare for the LSAT.
  • A ScoreItUp “single” course is a complete, self-contained and comprehensive LSAT Prep course consisting of eight (8) three-hour lessons (with me) and two (2) full-length, proctored mock exams.
  • A “double” course is two “single” courses; a “triple” course is three “single” courses; and a “GO BIG” course is four “single” courses.
  • Each course will analyze completely new and different LSAT questions.
  • Each class lesson typically will work on both of the graded sections of the LSAT (Logical Reasoning and Reading Comprehension).
  • In addition, one of the eight lessons in each course will cover all three of the following: (1) the LSAT Writing Sample (1.5 hours), (2) your personal statement, law school applications, and successful interviewing techniques (1 hour), and (3) useful practical suggestions to consider as you start your future “life as a lawyer” journey (0.5 hours).
  • All fundamental strategies necessary to LSAT success will be covered in each course. Your class lessons primarily will involve a “deep dive” analysis of real LSAT questions, allowing you to recognize LSAT “patterns” in future questions efficiently.
  • Any ScoreItUp course will be extremely beneficial. The benefits of a longer course are (1) analyzing far more LSAT questions, (2) significant reinforcement of the LSAT’s “core” concepts, and (3) access to ScoreItUp’s extensive online database for a longer time period.
  • You can “upgrade” from a shorter course to a longer one. There is a small financial benefit to initially enrolling in a longer course, but you can “start small” and upgrade later, if you would like.


  • The LSAT also contains a separately administered, ungraded LSAT Writing section. Your LSAT Writing sample will be provided to all law schools to which you apply.
  • The LSAT Writing section is equivalent to a miniature law school final exam, and is being modified (slightly) in August 2024.
  • You will be provided with a one-hour video tutorial, taught by Mark, on the LSAT Writing sample.
  • Mark’s tutorial will provide you with a precise and detailed strategy and formula for dealing with the LSAT Writing section, and will show you can apply that formula to LSAT Writing prompts on real LSATs.
  • When you finish Mark’s tutorial, you will be fully capable of handling the LSAT Writing section. You should practice on a couple other LSAT Writing prompts, but you do not need to spend nearly as much time on this section as the graded LSAT sections.

*Many LSAT Prep companies are founded by people who never went to law school, and have little familiarity with law school final exams. Beware of claims that the LSAT Writing section is “irrelevant,” you don’t need to prepare for it, or admission committees never read it. Those claims are false – common sense should tell you that!


  • ScoreItUp courses with Mark invariably offer you extra “freebies,” including after-class Zoom “happy hours,” discussions of real-life jury trials and “war stories,” descriptions of different career opportunities based on Mark’s extensive experience as a criminal prosecutor and “BigLaw” civil litigator, etc.
  • Added “freebies” also include discussions about law school admission strategies, personal statements (in addition to ScoreItUp’s immensely useful, one-hour video tutorial), guest speakers (lawyers, judges and current law school students), and more.


  • Each ScoreItUp course begins and ends with a live, proctored full-length exam. So, a “single” course has two proctored exams, a “double” course has four proctored exams, etc.
  • During the proctored exams, you will take a full-length LSAT exam, monitored by a live proctor, and designed to precisely simulate the official LSAT.
  • You will have LOTS of additional practice LSATs, and Mark will assist you with how to use those practice LSATs (and take self-proctored exams) in the most effective way possible.
  • While you can (and should) take additional self-proctored exams on your own, ScoreItUp’s proctored exams are an excellent way to learn how to take timed practice exams effectively…and to add some structure and camaraderie to the process of taking them!


  • ScoreItUp’s course lessons with Mark are reinforced by weekly homework assignments and the use of ScoreItUp’s massive online database.
  • ScoreItUp’s online resources include all of the following:
    • ScoreItUp’s complete, supplemental online video course, allowing you the option of getting added reinforcement on any of the “core” LSAT concepts, including detailed analysis on video of additional real LSAT questions by Mark.
    • ScoreItUp’s five-part video series on symbolic logic, taught by Mark. (Students often have said that they never truly understood how to use symbolic logic on the LSAT until they took ScoreItUp’s course!)
    • ScoreItUp’s massive document library, including (1) detailed written explanations to all homework LSATs and mock exams, as well as explanations to thousands more LSAT questions; (2) step-by-step strategies for attacking each LSAT section, designed to reinforce class lessons; and (3) quizzes to further reinforce challenging LSAT concepts.
    • Additional detailed VIDEO explanations to assist with LSAT Prep “drilling” homework.
    • Comprehensive video tutorials on the LSAT Writing section and your Personal Statement
  • ScoreItUp’s “Mark911” feature: if you have an LSAT question that you don’t understand after reading or watching the explanation, simply email Mark with “Mark911” in the subject line!

YOUR Course Instructor

All course lessons are personally taught by ScoreItUp’s founder, Mark Sacks. ScoreItUp student results and common sense both indicate that your LSAT score is likely to see significantly greater improvement when (1) the instruction is more effective, and (2) YOUR instructor:

  • is the company’s founder, with their business’s success riding on the satisfaction of students in their classroom,
  • has significant LSAT Prep and University teaching experience, and
  • has substantial training and experience working with the LSAT’s “legal reasoning” skills, as well as a law school degree.

So…what are you waiting for? Let’s get started today to help you maximize your LSAT score and make law schools want YOU! Please go to ScoreItUp’s Live Online page for full details and to enroll. Questions? Please feel free to email Mark Sacks directly at!