ScoreItUp believes that a key part of an effective LSAT Prep course (just like any college course) is an instructor’s ability to teach. Sample ScoreItUp video clips of each of the three graded sections of the LSAT – Logical Reasoning, Reading Comprehension, and Analytical Reasoning (Logic Games) – are provided below.  For more information, or to take a look at ScoreItUp’s 24/7 online video course for FREE, please email Mark at!

In addition, for students preparing their law school applications, one of the most challenging and mysterious elements is the Personal Statement.  There is a lot of questionable advice on what should be included in it.  ScoreItUp offers sound application assistance and advice, including preparation of one’s Personal Statement.

Please see some brief sample video clips below, including an analysis of problems from each section of the LSAT.  To enroll in one of ScoreItUp’s courses, click Online or Classroom.

Sample – Reading Comp
(LSAT 52, Sect. 4, Q 5)

Sample – Logical Reasoning
(Resolve the Paradox: The Slinky)

Analytical Reasoning/Logic Games

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