course comparison

Live Instruction + Exam Hours843252
Live Instruction Hours522836
Mock Exams814
Instructor = Company OwnerYESnono
Instructor = University ProfessorYES??
Instructor = Harvard Law School GradYES??
Personal Statement TutorialYES??
Writing Sample TutorialYES??
Admission Counseling IncludedYES??
Tutoring Done by Company OwnerYES??
Teaches LSAT OnlyYESnoyes

* ScoreItUp offers “single” courses (42 in-class hours for $999), “double” courses (84 in-class hours for $1,399) and “triple” courses (126 in-class hours for $1,699). Please go to Classroom to enroll, or Top 15 to see just how much more you get, and save, by “cutting out the middleman”! ScoreItUp´s competitors typically use a wide variety of part-time instructors with varying credentials, and do NOT provide any of these instructor guarantees. Competitors’ course offerings and prices may vary by location. Based upon information publicly available – please contact ScoreItUp regarding any perceived errors in the above information.

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