course comparison

Live Instruction + Exam Hours723237
Live Instruction Hours523237
Live Mock Exams600
Instructor = Company OwnerYESnono
Instructor = University ProfessorYES??
Instructor = Harvard Law School GradYES??
Personal Statement TutorialsYESnono
Writing Sample TutorialsYESnono
Admission Counseling IncludedYESnono
Tutoring Done by Company OwnerYESnono
Teaches LSAT OnlyYESnono

* Hours and prices quoted above are for ScoreItUp’s live-online classroom “gold course.” ScoreItUp offers “live online” courses ranging from 30-108 classroom hours, with “all-inclusive” prices beginning at $899.  Please go to Live Stream to enroll, and see On Demand for alternative options. Please contact ScoreItUp regarding any perceived errors in the above information.

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