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Five Effective LSAT Prep “Tricky-Tricks”

There are a wide variety of things one can do to dramatically improve LSAT performance. Here is a brief summary of five highly effective but often overlooked LSAT Prep suggestions (they may not all be “tricky-tricks,” but they frequently ARE under-appreciated by students!) 1. Rejecting Wrong Answers Is Often Easier Than Recognizing Correct Answers Identifying […]

ScoreItUp Students Earn World Record for 180 LSAT Scores

ScoreItUp focuses on teaching LSAT Prep effectively, provides students with a rigorous and entertaining live-course format, and guarantees all course lessons will be taught by the company’s owner. Those all are key reasons for ScoreItUp’s consistently excellent student reviews and outstanding student results, including a +15 point average practice score increase. Along those lines, a special thank-you […]

ScoreItUp Course Options – Summary

In order to maximize the unmatched, comprehensive nature of my LSAT Prep courses, and to provide convenience, flexibility and value to all LSAT Prep students, ScoreItUp offers a wide variety of options.  Here is a breakdown and brief summary of my course options: My ScoreItUp “Live Stream” courses are offered live and in real time, […]

ScoreItUp’s NEW Sunday “Live Stream” Course

Exciting news! ScoreItUp is now offering its signature “live online” courses on Sundays during the summer (first lesson on Sunday, August 23rd, optional mock exam on Saturday, August 22nd). The “Sunday Days” live online Summer courses are in addition to my Mon/Wed evening “live online” courses.” Please see full details on ALL of ScoreItUp’s “live […]