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LSAT Prep Courses Outperform “Self Study”

The LSAC has compiled detailed studies of statistical evidence comparing different forms of LSAT Prep.  The LSAC’s data showed that use of independent test prep courses (such as ScoreItUp LSAT Prep) led to more improvement, on average, than “self-study” or undergraduate LSAT Prep courses. The data also provides statistical evidence demonstrating what many have observed empirically, and consistent […]

ScoreItUp’s Online Video Course

There are various online LSAT Prep courses on the market. If you wish to work with me, it would be a privilege to help get you into that dream law school of yours! You are welcome to (1) enroll here in ScoreItUp’s video (or live) course, (2) review more details about ScoreItUp’s online course by going to Course Information and […]

ScoreItUp For “Older” Students – Complete Set of Student Evaluations

Most of my ScoreItUp students are college students or recent college graduates. Students who have been out of college for awhile may wonder if my course is also right for them.  To help answer that question, a complete and independently verifiable set of course evaluations from students who took a LSAT Prep course with me, and […]