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ScoreItUp: The SAFE Choice In LSAT Prep!

Some people may form the misguided notion that paying for a national test prep company is a “safer” choice than using a local instructor who focuses exclusively on LSAT Prep.  First, the premise underlying the idea that a national test prep company is a “safer” choice is misplaced: although the number of lecture hours and […]

Jane Doe’s “174” and John Doe’s “172” Stories

The most enjoyable part of running ScoreItUp LSAT Prep is seeing students learn to dominate the LSAT – a true beast of an exam, but one that also can be a lot of fun! Here are a couple recent examples (I’ll refer to them as Jane and John Doe out of respect for their privacy): […]

ScoreItUp’s Website: A Quick Summary

For those of you interested in getting more information about ScoreItUp LSAT Prep (, here is a simple breakdown of many of the key sections of the website: Course Schedules: contains the exact meeting dates and times for each of ScoreItUp’s courses, including course calendars showing all of the lesson and mock exam dates. Enroll […]

ScoreItUp’s Fall Course Schedule and Early-Enrollment Discounts!

ScoreItUp is at it again!  Offering a better price-per-live-lecture-hour than any competitor around!!  Take a look at ScoreItUp’s incredible early-enrollment discounts on its Summer and Fall courses.  The early-enrollment price for the full-length “180” course is $999 for 100 live lecture hours and 6 mock exams (averaging $9.99 per lecture hour, without even including all […]

The ScoreItUp Difference vs. Tricky “Fine Print”

Simple and clear.  ScoreItUp LSAT Prep offers live LSAT Prep courses that have some fundamental differences from those offered by the national test prep companies.  Equally important, the reasons for the differences are simple and clear: unlike national test prep companies that routinely use part-time student instructors, ScoreItUp guarantees that all lessons will be taught by the […]

Paul’s Story

In my last email, I mentioned how Paul D’Agostino earned a LSAT score higher than 99 percent of LSAT takers nationwide.  Please feel free to go to for Paul’s picture and story, and to see how ScoreItUp’s entertaining course can motivate fun-loving students like Paul!  You also can read Paul’s words about how ScoreItUp […]

“Fantastic Cuts” and LSAT Prep

Everyone is different.  We have different preferences in hobbies, clothes, cars, and food.  Those differences are an enormous part of what makes life fun.  Some people, for example, like getting their haircut at chains like “Fantastic Cuts” (made up name), and for good reason:  one can get a basic, standardized haircut in a variety of […]

Alex and his Perfect Logic Games Score

A picture is sometimes worth a thousand words.  And a simple story is sometimes worth a thousand advertisements.  Alex Hammonds was an undergraduate at Chapman University in Orange County and a student in ScoreItUp’s LSAT Prep course. Before starting ScoreItUp’s course, Alex took a previously administered LSAT exam.  Like many students, he was befuddled and […]