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In The Spotlight: Spencer’s 180!

ScoreItUp is proud to congratulate Spencer C. for scoring higher than 99 percent of the nation on the October LSAT exam!  Spencer took ScoreItUp’s Summer 2011 course.  After several weeks of LSAT Prep training, he was consistently scoring in the 170’s on his practice LSAT exams. Spencer got all the way up to a perfect […]

In The Spotlight: Tyler’s 177 and Sherry’s 173

Long-time ScoreItUp friends may recall the stories of Paul and Nick, and the benefits of a little good-natured competition when it comes to LSAT preparation.  Paul and Nick are close friends who took ScoreItUp’s LSAT course together. Nick earned an impressive 167 on his official LSAT (14 points higher than his original mock exam score […]

Two Days Left Until ScoreItUp’s Fall Courses!

ScoreItUp’s Fall LSAT Prep courses begin this Saturday, October 1st!  If you are planning on taking the Fall or Winter LSAT (or just want to get an early start at studying for the LSAT), you do not want to miss this opportunity!  Please visit “Course Schedules” for more details.  As with all of ScoreItUp’s […]

ScoreItUp Repeat Courses for $199

Did you know that you can repeat any of ScoreItUp’s courses for the minimal price of $199?  Aside from the great value ScoreItUp provides on its courses, the opportunity to repeat the course at a minimal price is something that many students have found to be very valuable.  In addition to reinforcing many of the […]

ScoreItUp Alumni: where are they now?

Many former ScoreItUp students are now attending law schools throughout the country.  I thought you might be interested in a follow-up of some of these students, as it is always fun for me to track their progress over the years: Ben’s Status: Ben is now in his third year at Virginia law school, after previously […]

Free ScoreItUp Lesson!

Are you interested in seeing for yourself (and for free!) just how effective and fun ScoreItUp’s LSAT Prep courses are?  As you know, ScoreItUp differs from its competition in numerous very significant ways, including all of the following: Providing students with a guaranteed instructor with teaching credentials that provide confidence – as compared to part-time […]

ScoreItUp’s Fall Course Location

ScoreItUp’s Fall 2011 courses will be at Concordia University, which is located at 1530 W. Concordia in Irvine.  I often teach courses at that location for several reasons: (1) It is extremely convenient for students coming from various Southern California locations – the campus is very close to the 405 freeway (Jeffrey/University exit), and 2.0 […]

December LSAT = last chance for 2012 law school applicants!

The LSAT is offered 4 times per year:  in October (sometimes late September), December, February and June.  All law schools will accept the October and December LSAT scores for law school consideration the following year.  In other words, if you are planning to attend law school in Fall 2012, all law schools will accept LSAT […]

ScoreItUp’s Fall Course Options (beginning October 1)

Introduction ScoreItUp LSAT Prep offers a wide variety of course options with extensive amounts of live lesson hours at excellent, early-enrollment discount prices.  You can see all of the meeting dates and times, and prices, for each of these options at “Course Schedules.”  Please note that all ScoreItUp LSAT Prep courses in the Fall […]

ScoreItUp’s Mid-Summer Courses Begin this Thursday!

Just a quick reminder to all of you considering taking the LSAT in the near future:  ScoreItUp’s mid-Summer courses begin this Thursday, July 28th with a diagnostic LSAT exam.  The first set of lessons are on Saturday, July 30th.  You can review all course schedule meeting dates and times at “Course Schedules.”  As always, […]