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In The Spotlight: Michael R’s Perfect 180 on the February LSAT!

ScoreItUp LSAT Prep congratulates Michael R. for his perfect 180 score on the February LSAT – 21 points higher than his initial diagnostic exam!  Michael took ScoreItUp’s Fall course with me, then followed up by taking the real LSAT for the first time this February.   With his spectacular 180 score, Michael is now in a […]

ScoreItUp Featured On As A “Hidden Gem”

LSAT Blogger ( is a LSAT blog in Chicago, completely unaffiliated with ScoreItUp LSAT Prep.  The owner of LSAT Blogger researched companies and tutors throughout the United States, searching for the few exceptional boutique companies from throughout the nation that provided LSAT Prep students with a tremendous alternative to large test prep companies. The standard he used […]

100% “Definitely” Would Recommend ScoreItUp’s Course and Instructor!

In contrast to the misleading advertising gimmicks frequently used by the larger test prep companies, candid student evaluations are likely to be an excellent indicator of the quality of a LSAT Prep course and its instructor. Students in ScoreItUp’s most recent Fall 2011 LSAT Prep course were given a survey that included asking them whether […]

ScoreItUp’s Fall 2011 Course: Breaking the 170 Barrier…Repeatedly!

There are a lot of different ways to define the success of students taking a ScoreItUp LSAT Prep course.  One way of evaluating it is by considering the number of students who broke the infamous 170 barrier on proctored, full-length, mock exams (using real LSATs in strictly timed classroom settings designed to precisely simulate the […]

ScoreItUp’s Spring 2012 Courses

ScoreItUp’s Spring 2012 live LSAT Prep courses are posted online at “Course Schedules.” The basic information of ScoreItUp’s various course offerings can be found at “Course Information.” Here is a brief summary: One set of courses begins April 2, 2012.  The other set of courses begins April 14, 2012.  Course calendars showing all […]

LSAT Prep Companies to Students: “Course CANCELED!”

I recently spoke to a student who said she had signed up for three different live LSAT Prep courses, and every single one of them was CANCELED at the last minute due to low enrollment.  Many large test prep companies using lots of part-time instructors are notorious for doing this.  Sure, you will eventually get […]

ScoreItUp vs. The Competition

Happy Holidays!  ScoreItUp LSAT Prep ( is again providing holiday cheer (year-round cheer, actually) to pre-law students preparing for the LSAT by offering dramatically more and charging significantly less than its competitors.  Anyone comparing ScoreItUp (and reading the competitors’ fine print) will see the tremendous value in these live LSAT Prep courses. Here’s an example:  […]

ScoreItUp’s Year-Round, Personal, 1-on-1 Courses

ScoreItUp offers live LSAT Prep classroom courses taught by me in the Spring, Summer and Fall in Irvine, CA.  In addition, I teach individual (1-on-1) courses year-round.  Although the classroom courses are a more economical way to get a tremendous amount of live instruction hours for an outstanding price, ScoreItUp’s personal, 1-on-1 courses are an […]