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I blew the LSAT: Now what?

Introduction Let’s face it.  Not everyone does as well as they hoped on the LSAT.  A few students are happily surprised, others are deeply disappointed, and most probably find their score was better than their worst fears but lower than their dream score. Assume you got your LSAT score back, and concluded that you “blew […]

December LSAT = last chance for 2012 law school applicants!

The LSAT is offered 4 times per year:  in October (sometimes late September), December, February and June.  All law schools will accept the October and December LSAT scores for law school consideration the following year.  In other words, if you are planning to attend law school in Fall 2012, all law schools will accept LSAT […]

Jane Doe’s “174” and John Doe’s “172” Stories

The most enjoyable part of running ScoreItUp LSAT Prep is seeing students learn to dominate the LSAT – a true beast of an exam, but one that also can be a lot of fun! Here are a couple recent examples (I’ll refer to them as Jane and John Doe out of respect for their privacy): […]

Should I prepare for the LSAT if I’m uncertain about going to law school?

I just re-posted a couple of prior entries regarding a common question that many undergraduates and college graduates ask themselves:  should I go to law school?  Feel free to review those entries if you are interested! A slightly different question is whether one should prepare for the LSAT if still uncertain about going to law […]

Vacations and Value

I recently got back from a terrific vacation.  It was the first multi-week vacation I’ve had in years.  Between my law practice, UCI teaching, and running ScoreItUp LSAT Prep, vacation time tends to come in smaller chunks.  It also was a reminder that paying a little extra money can sometimes be an excellent investment.  For this particular […]

Good luck tomorrow!

For all of you who are taking the June LSAT tomorrow, good luck! If you are preparing to take the October (or December) LSAT, you can review all of ScoreItUp’s Summer and Fall courses at “Course Schedules.”  There is still time to take advantage of ScoreItUp’s early-enrollment discounts, but you should enroll soon if […]

Why is the LSAT so important to law schools?

The LSAT.  A half-day standardized, multiple-choice exam that has more impact on one’s law school application than any other factor.  Law schools will routinely tell you that a student’s cumulative GPA and LSAT score are the top two factors they consider, and the half-day LSAT is typically even more important than one’s overall GPA that […]