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ScoreItUp LSAT Prep For “Older” Students (Part 2) – Mark W.’s Perfect “180”

Mark W. is one of two ScoreItUp students in 2012 (out of a total of 26 worldwide) who scored a perfect 180 on an official LSAT (December 2012).  Mark’s official 180 LSAT score was an improvement of  29 points from his initial “practice” exam score of 151, and he currently attends Boalt Law School on a […]

ScoreItUp’s Summer LSAT Prep Courses And “Top 15” List

For students planning on taking ScoreItUp’s Summer 2014 LSAT Prep course, here is some useful information: The early-summer course begins on Monday, July 7th, and the mid-summer courses begin on Wednesday, July 26th.  Course meetings are on Monday and Wednesday evenings

LSAT Prep Tip: Causation Errors

There is nothing more fun in life than combining LSAT prep and romance.  Well, ok, that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but take a look at the following story , which implies that one can improve one’s relationship by altering how closely one sleeps next to each other at night.   You can read it here.

Worrying About the LSAT and LSAT Prep?

Let’s face it.  Some of us worry more than others.  Regularly dealing with students who are preparing for a stress-inducing test, I often see different amounts of worrying in people, and different ways in which they cope with the stress. Although I often am quite unimpressed by many psychological studies, this one comparing the behavior of “worriers” […]

The New LSAT Prep “Book of 10”

ScoreItUp uses only real LSAT questions and real LSAT exams for all course lessons, proctored exams, and homework assignments.  In addition, ScoreItUp students receive “hard copies” of LSAT exams.  Other companies may say they give you these LSATs, but a close reading of their fine print shows that they  only provide electronic “access” to the exams.  As a result, […]

The SAT Is Becoming More Like the LSAT

The SAT is undergoing a rare change.  Although the basic makeup of the test remains the same, it is making some fundamental changes.  The changes that are being made are making the SAT more like the LSAT.  In particular,  the SAT will focus more on reasoning, and less on memorizing vocabulary words, etc. It seems the SAT […]

ScoreItUp Students Earn World Record for 180 LSAT Scores

This past year was another exceptional one for ScoreItUp LSAT Prep students. Thank you to Michael R. and Mark W. for helping ScoreItUp earn a world record achievement by having one instructor personally coach multiple students in the same year to a perfect 180 LSAT score! Here are the details to put this exciting accomplishment […]

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