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The New LSAT Prep “Book of 10”

ScoreItUp uses only real LSAT questions and real LSAT exams for all course lessons, proctored exams, and homework assignments.  In addition, ScoreItUp students receive “hard copies” of LSAT exams.  Other companies may say they give you these LSATs, but a close reading of their fine print shows that they  only provide electronic “access” to the exams.  As a result, […]

The SAT Is Becoming More Like the LSAT

The SAT is undergoing a rare change.  Although the basic makeup of the test remains the same, it is making some fundamental changes.  The changes that are being made are making the SAT more like the LSAT.  In particular,  the SAT will focus more on reasoning, and less on memorizing vocabulary words, etc. It seems the SAT […]

ScoreItUp Students Earn World Record for 180 LSAT Scores

Thank you to Michael R. and Mark W. for helping ScoreItUp earn a world record achievement by having one instructor personally coach multiple students in the same year to a perfect 180 LSAT score! Here are the details to put this exciting accomplishment into perspective: A total of 26 perfect LSAT scores (i.e., 180 on […]