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The SAT Is Becoming More Like the LSAT

The SAT is undergoing a rare change.  Although the basic makeup of the test remains the same, it is making some fundamental changes.  The changes that are being made are making the SAT more like the LSAT.  In particular,  the SAT will focus more on reasoning, and less on memorizing vocabulary words, etc. It seems the SAT […]

LSAT Prep 101 – 10 Things To Consider

The LSAT is offered four times a year.  In preparation for these exams, ScoreItUp offers live courses in Orange County (Irvine) in the Spring, Summer and Fall, as well as its 24/7 online video course all year.  Students taking the February 2014 LSAT are encouraged to take advantage of ScoreItUp’s 24/7 online video course – […]

ScoreItUp LSAT Prep Online vs. ScoreItUp LSAT Prep Class (Live)

If you are generally curious about ScoreItUp LSAT Prep, please take some time to review ScoreItUp’s website.  In particular, you may find that the About ScoreItUp, Student Comments, and LSAT Courses sections to be useful. If you are debating between taking ScoreItUp’s live LSAT Prep class or its 24/7 online video course, please see below for some comparisons that may […]