Alex and his Perfect Logic Games Score

A picture is sometimes worth a thousand words.  And a simple story is sometimes worth a thousand advertisements.  Alex Hammonds was an undergraduate at Chapman University in Orange County and a student in ScoreItUp’s LSAT Prep course. Before starting ScoreItUp’s course, Alex took a previously administered LSAT exam.  Like many students, he was befuddled and […]

UCI Law School

Many pre-law students have asked me about UCI’s new law school, and others may be curious about the law school after reading some of the extensive press that it has received.  I was asked to come down and speak to UCI’s inaugural law school class last year as part of a panel discussion on criminal […]

Student Score Increases

A lot of times one sees success stories from LSAT Prep companies, but it’s hard to evaluate the frequency in which they occur.  Often, these scores are “cherry-picked” from 1000’s of students throughout the nation using a wide variety of different instructors. And don’t even get me started on those misleading, company-wide “average score increase” […]

John and Jane Doe

Students from ScoreItUp’s local, 30-student Orange County 2008 LSAT Prep course in Irvine are still in the process of hearing back from law schools. However, I would like to briefly describe the success of two UC Irvine and ScoreItUp students who already have been accepted into “Top 10” law schools for 2009: JANE DOE* ScoreItUp […]

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