Six LSATs Per Year: Can More Choices Be Counterproductive?

As many students know, beginning this year, the LSAC added more options for taking the LSAT.  Instead of four (4) options per year, you now have six (6) test dates.  At first glance, that is a good thing.  But it can be an illusory benefit, and may even be counterproductive, for students who don’t fully […]

Eliminating the LSAT Prep Gimmicks!

Taking a good classroom LSAT Prep course is likely to be much better than relying upon “self-study,” as an extensive study by the LSAC indicated (if it’s a bad course you might as well study on your own!). However, there are some things that don’t enhance one’s LSAT Prep experience. See below for a list of […]

Law School Rankings: UCI Law Up To #21

The 2018 law school rankings can be seen here: As always, these rankings should be taken with a grain of salt.  But they are interesting reading nonetheless.  Two of the more notable changes involved California schools, including (1) UCI Law School continuing its meteoric rise in the rankings to #21, up seven places from […]

Who’s Teaching Ya?

In previous posts, I’ve mentioned the study by the LSAC – unaffiliated with any LSAT Prep company – that found students taking independent LSAT Prep courses like ScoreItUp do significantly better on the LSAT on average than do students using any other form of LSAT Prep, including (1) students relying upon “self study,” (2) students relying […]

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