Vacations and Value

I recently got back from a terrific vacation.  It was the first multi-week vacation I’ve [...]

Good luck tomorrow!

For all of you who are taking the June LSAT tomorrow, good luck! If you [...]

UCLA Law School

I’m on vacation right now, and will not be writing many posts for the next [...]

ScoreItUp’s Fall Course Schedule and Early-Enrollment Discounts!

ScoreItUp is at it again!  Offering a better price-per-live-lecture-hour than any competitor around!!  Take a [...]

How about those Lakers?

I’m not sure how much the Lakers have to do with this 3-L blog, other [...]

Why is the LSAT so important to law schools?

The LSAT.  A half-day standardized, multiple-choice exam that has more impact on one’s law school [...]

Can you get a life sentence for stealing pizza? California’s Three Strikes Law

Last week, I wrote about California’s death penalty.  Today, I want to discuss another criminal [...]

The ScoreItUp Difference vs. Tricky “Fine Print”

Simple and clear.  ScoreItUp LSAT Prep offers live LSAT Prep courses that have some fundamental [...]

The Death Penalty

Death penalty trials arguably are the most profound type of case that a lawyer can [...]

FREE ScoreItUp LSAT Prep Lesson

Did you know that you can attend a FREE ScoreItUp LSAT Prep lesson?  If you are [...]