2022-2023 LSAT Test Dates – UPDATED!

LSAT Test Dates 2021The LSAC recently published some additional testing dates through June 2023. Here they are:

Future LSAT Test Dates (2023):

  • January 13/14, 2023 (4-section LSAT format)
  • February 10/11, 2023 (4-section LSAT format)
  • April 14/15, 2023 (4-section LSAT format)
  • June 9/10, 2023 (4-section LSAT format)
  • July 2023 (test date not yet published)
  • September 2023 (test date not yet published)
  • October 2023 (test date not yet published)
  • November 2023 (test date not yet published)
Students generally take about 2-6 months to prepare for the LSAT, sometimes more. Every student’s situation is unique, however. Please feel free to email me at mark@scoreitup.com or call me directly – if you’d like, I’d be happy to arrange a FREE, no obligation, 15-minute conversation for us to discuss the ideal LSAT Prep strategy for YOU!

* Please see my prior blog for a detailed discussion and comparison of (1) the prior LSAT (pre-May 2020), (2) the prior LSAT-Flex (May 2020-June 2021) and (3) the current and future LSAT (August 2021 onward).