Two Reasons To Consider Taking The LSAT In April/June 2024

The LSAT is changing in August! While the two changes aren’t monumental ones, they are relevant and important to be aware of. The first (and primary) change is that Logic Games (aka Analytical Reasoning) is going away. In its place, there will be an additional section of Logical Reasoning. The second, and less significant, change is that there will be a slight modification to the ungraded LSAT Writing section (aka LSAT Writing Sample).

Because of the changes coming to the LSAT in August, many students are concerned about whether they should take the LSAT in April and/or June (with Logic Games) or to wait until August or afterward (without Logic Games and with twice as many Logical Reasoning questions).  First, don’t stress over the decision! Consider your own personal situation, and decide what seems best for you – you’ll probably be making the right call.

If you feel you will do better on Logical Reasoning than on Logic Games, or if you feel you need more time to prepare for the LSAT, it makes sense to consider waiting until August or afterward to take the LSAT. However, there are two reasons why you may want to consider taking the LSAT in April or June:

  • If you feel that Logic Games is your strongest section, it makes sense to consider taking the April or June LSAT, assuming you have time to prepare between now and those exams.
  • If you aren’t sure whether you will be good at Logic Games, you may want to consider registering for the June LSAT, practicing over the next couple of months, and seeing how your practice LSAT work goes.
    • After a couple months of practice, reevaluate.  Consider taking the LSAT in June if (1) you sense that Logic Games is something you are good at, and (2) your practice scores are acceptable to you.
    • On the other hand, if you aren’t that crazy about Logic Games or simply feel you need more time to prepare, you can always postpone your LSAT date, even if you registered for the June LSAT (just check the LSAC deadlines about getting a refund).
    • The point is that if you have the time to begin prepping now for the LSAT, you can give yourself the option of taking it in June or waiting until after Logic Games goes away.

If you do want to take the LSAT in April or June, my one piece of advice is: do not delay your LSAT Prep. Get started asap if you haven’t already. If you have any questions, or would like to discuss your situation, please email me at Good luck!