The “New” LSAT PrepTests – Renumbering System

The new format of the LSAT that begins in August 2024 includes the elimination of the “Logic Games” (aka “Analytical Reasoning”) section and the addition of a second “Logical Reasoning” (now renamed “Arguments”) section. In response, LSAC created a set of “new” PrepTests 101-158 using the contents of “old” PrepTests 1-94. The content of the “new” PrepTests 101-158 is identical to the content contained in “old” PrepTests 1-94, but LSAC engaged in a sort of “mixing and matching” of PrepTests 1-94 to create PrepTests 101-158.

A brief history of the contents of the LSAT will help you understand the content of “new” PrepTests 101-158. The official LSATs from which “old” PrepTests 1-94 were based (ending with the July 2020 LSAT) all contained FOUR graded sections (plus an ungraded and unpublished “experimental” fifth section). Those four graded sections included TWO graded Logical Reasoning sections, ONE graded Logic Games section, and ONE graded Reading Comp section, which is what is contained in “old” PrepTests 1-94. [As a side note, after the coronavirus, LSAC shortened the LSAT to THREE graded sections (plus an ungraded “experimental” section), including ONE graded Logical Reasoning section, ONE graded Logic Games section, and ONE graded Reading Comp section. However, PrepTests 1-94 were all based on the pre-Coronavirus format, and had TWO graded Logical Reasoning sections.]

The upcoming and future version of the LSAT (that begins in August 2024) will have THREE graded sections (plus an ungraded “experimental” section), which includes TWO Logical Reasoning (aka “Arguments”) sections and ONE Reading Comp section.

With all of that in mind, here is a basic summary of how “new” PrepTests 101-158 were created:

  • Each “new” PrepTest (101-158) took the TWO Logical Reasoning sections and the ONE Reading Comp section from the “old” PrepTest (1-94) that it was based on. For example, “new” LSAT PrepTest 126 is based on “old” LSAT 55. So, PrepTest 126 consists of the TWO Logical Reasoning sections and the ONE Reading Comp section from PrepTest 55.
  • The Logic Games section from PrepTests 1-94 was eliminated in PrepTests 101-158. So, in our example, PrepTest 126 does NOT contain the Logic Games section from PrepTest 55.
  • Also, the new official LSAT (that begins in August 2024) will include a fourth ungraded “experimental” section that will either be (1) a third Logical Reasoning (“Arguments”) section, or (2) a second Reading Comp section.
  • In order to simulate the new official LSAT, PrepTests 101-158 added a fourth section (either Logical Reasoning (“Arguments”) or Reading Comp) from a different “old” LSAT PrepTest (1-94). For example, PrepTest 126 (based on PrepTest 55) also includes a fourth section (equivalent to the “experimental” section), which is a Logical Reasoning (“Arguments”) section from “old” PrepTest 42.
  • In a nutshell, some “old” PrepTests (e.g., PrepTest 42) were NOT converted into a “new” PrepTest. Instead, those particular “old” PrepTests (e.g., PrepTest 42) were used to create the “experimental” section for three other “new” PrepTests. For example, the two Logical Reasoning (“Arguments”) sections and the one Reading Comp section from “old” PrepTest 42 are used as the “experimental” sections in “new” PrepTests 125-127.
  • If you need a conversion chart to see which of PrepTests 1-94 were used to create PrepTests 101-158 (including the “experimental” sections), please contact me at

Although it is confusing at first, LSAC’s methods make sense. In essence, they have created a new set of PrepTests (101-158) that simulate the upcoming version of the official LSAT, including a total of four sections comprised of (1) two graded sections of Logical Reasoning (“Arguments”), (2) one graded section of Reading Comp, and (3) one ungraded, “experimental” section that will be either Logical Reasoning (“Arguments”) or Reading Comp.

Finally, the ungraded LSAT Writing Sample (explained in detail in ScoreItUp’s courses, including a step-by-step approach to writing your response) has been modified, but will continue to be a required, additional section of the LSAT that you take separately from the official LSAT. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at