February 2024 LSAT Scores

If you took the February 2024 LSAT, you should have just received your LSAT score. At this point, you may be contemplating your next step. Here are my suggestions, depending upon your situation:

1. If you are happy with your LSAT score, congratulations! Law schools remain competitive, but they are always eager to get well-qualified students.  You may want to consider applying to law schools that are more competitive than you previously had planned. All of that depends upon your LSAT score, undergraduate gpa and “soft factors,” of course.

2. If you have mixed feelings, remember to focus on your ultimate goal: getting into a law school that you like. If your score is good enough to do that, you should be happy about that. See below, though, for some thoughts on retaking the LSAT.

3. If you are satisfied with your LSAT score and plan to apply to law school for Fall 2024, don’t delay! Application deadlines for most law schools are right around the corner, so get that application completed and submitted!

4. If you are disappointed (don’t be alarmed – many people are), remember that you can retake the LSAT numerous times.  The good news (and it’s very good news) is that law schools almost always focus on your highest LSAT score, so retaking the LSAT likely makes sense.

5. If you do plan to retake the LSAT, the bigger issue is how to do better next time. You may simply have gotten unlucky. On the other hand, if you didn’t prepare as thoroughly as you know you should have, it’s time to think about a new game plan. You owe it to yourself to do everything you can to fully prepare for this critically important exam. The LSAT is challenging, but people often see dramatic improvement with proper and thorough preparation.

6. If you plan to apply to law school in 2024, you may not be able to retake the LSAT unless you delay law school for one year (most law schools have a cutoff date around March 1st). But that may not be such a bad thing. If delaying law school for a year allows you the time to improve your LSAT score and perfect your law school application, it may be well worth it. Whatever you decide to do, don’t let yourself get discouraged – instead, think about what to do next time and make it happen!

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