2024 New Year’s Resolutions For LSAT Prep Students

Happy New Year!!  Let me propose 10 simple and straightforward “resolutions” for students planning to take the LSAT in the future:

1. Give yourself more time to prepare for the LSAT than you think you will need.
2. Plan to take the LSAT twice, or even three times (and hope you will only have to take it once).
3. Make sure you have a sound plan for how you will integrate LSAT Prep effectively into your lifestyle for the next 3-6 months (or more).
4. Remember that the LSAT is far more important to law schools than other standardized exams (e.g., the GRE, SAT and ACT) are to other college or graduate programs – plan on taking LSAT Prep seriously.
5. As you progress, don’t let yourself get demoralized by slow rates of improvement or score “plateaus” on practice exams. LSAT score increases rarely follow a straight linear upward trajectory.
6. Consider how the LSAT’s removal of Analytical Reasoning (Logic Games) beginning in August 2024 should impact your preparation.
7. Lose the arrogance and recognize that the LSAT is challenging and not like any exam you have prepared for before. And the consequences are far greater.
8. Recognize that top LSAT scorers typically are as stressed and insecure about hitting their “target score” as anyone else…ignore the rare (and often exaggerated or flat-out untrue) stories of someone getting a 175+ LSAT score with minimal preparation… the overwhelming majority of top scorers prepared diligently and got there the old-fashioned way: they earned it!
9. Don’t be penny-wise and pound-foolish: plan to pay (within reason) what you feel will help you maximize your LSAT score. Small differences in LSAT scores can have life-altering consequences.
10. Ignore anonymous social media posts claiming how “easy” it is to score a 170+ on the LSAT – it takes work, dedication and practice for the vast majority of students.

Good luck and please contact me at mark@scoreitup.com if you have any questions!