ScoreItUp Student Results

As many of my ScoreItUp students know, I have lived a dual life as an LSAT Prep instructor and a prosecutor for the Orange County District Attorney’s Office for the bulk of my career. During that time, I have had the good fortune of helping many of the children of my OCDA colleagues prepare for the LSAT in my ScoreItUp courses. Here is a small sample of their LSAT results:

  • Paul D. – earned a 174 on the LSAT and converted that stellar 99th percentile score into a monstrous scholarship to attend USC Law School.
  • Ava G. – earned a 173 on the LSAT and is in the process of applying to law school with that outstanding LSAT score.
  • Francesca D. – earned a 172 on the LSAT (after getting up to a 179 on timed, practice LSATs!), and converted that exceptional LSAT score into an offer from NYU Law School.
  • Allyson R. – earned a 168 on the LSAT and is now starting her law school journey at Georgetown, thanks in large part to that impressive LSAT score.
  • Nick D. – earned a 164 on the LSAT, getting him into Loyola Law School with a scholarship…and perhaps more importantly, saw a 35-point (88 percentile) LSAT score increase as a result of his ScoreItUp training.

Congrats to all of these ScoreItUp students (and their OCDA parents!), as well as the countless other ScoreItUp students who have seen similar extraordinary results. Well done!