Law School Rankings (2023-2024)

Law school rankings are highly subjective and always must be taken with a grain of salt. That became even more true when many of the elite law schools recently began refusing to cooperate with US News and World Reports, taking serious issue with the whole ranking process. Nevertheless, these rankings always are a source of curiosity. To see the most recent set of US News and World Reports law school rankings, please click here.

Before you obsess too much over the precise “ranking” of your law school, or dream future law school(s), I would encourage you to consider the following:

  • Unlike law students and pre-law students, employers typically pay absolutely zero attention to yearly fluctuations in law school “rankings.”
  • What IS likely to be of far more importance to you is a law school’s general reputation within the community you are looking to get hired.
  • If you are working in an area near the law school, it is useful to know the law school’s general reputation within the local community.
  • If you are not sure where you will be working, or believe you may relocate, it is useful to know the law school’s national reputation.
  • Employers are very unlikely to know which law school is ranked 35th vs. 43rd, but they generally will have an understanding of the difference between a law school ranked 15th vs. 115th.
  • You also may want to know what a law school’s general reputation is among non-lawyers, since most of your friends, family and future clients will fall into this category.
  • Most employers have absolutely no idea how any particular law school “ranks” in particular subject areas (corporate law, criminal law, environmental law, etc.).
  • How well you do in law school (i.e., your grades) can often be as important, if not more important, than your law school’s “ranking.”
  • There are a lot of other, subjective factors beyond “rankings” and “reputation” that are likely to be highly relevant to your law school decision, including:
    • Do you like the geographical area, including nearby restaurants, entertainment, etc.? (Yes, you will occasionally take study breaks!)
    • Do you like the facilities of the law school (classrooms, dorms, apartments, libraries, gyms, cafeterias, etc.)?
    • Will there be useful internship opportunities nearby, if you plan to do that?
    • Is the law school offering you a sizable scholarship?
    • Do you feel you will “fit in” and enjoy being around your law school classmates? (Some law schools have professors and student bodies that are known to be more “conservative” or “liberal” than others.)

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