“If I were running a business, I would not run it like ScoreItUp…”

Maximizing Profits As A Business

“If I were running a business, I would not run it like ScoreItUp. I would do it the way the corporate test prep companies do.” Those were the words of one of my former ScoreItUp LSAT Prep students, who previously had taken a course taught by a large LSAT Prep company. And I agree with her. If you went to business school, they would teach you to maximize profits by running businesses the way my competitors do: “leverage, leverage, leverage.” In other words, hire a bunch of part-time outside instructors, pay them a modest hourly wage, and collect the profit off of OTHER people’s work. They would NOT suggest running a business the way I run ScoreItUp…if your goal were solely to maximize profits.

ScoreItUp Advantages For LSAT Prep Students

However, that same former ScoreItUp student of mine also added this: “But from the perspective of an LSAT Prep student, it is definitely better the way you do it.” And I agree with her about that also. By “cutting out the middleman,” I am able to offer ScoreItUp students MUCH more than just significantly better prices and values, including:

  • the company founder, who has his/her entire business riding on the success and satisfaction of their LSAT Prep students, will be teaching YOUR course;
  • stated another way, the most important part of YOUR course – the instructor teaching it – is guaranteed to be the company founder and not a part-time student instructor;
  • YOU are assured that your LSAT Prep experience will be far more thorough and in-depth; YOU will be learning the best LSAT Prep strategies; YOU will be working on far more real LSAT questions with me in class lessons; and YOU will have full access to ScoreItUp’s massive online LSAT Prep resources without paying “add-on fees.”
  • the founder of YOUR course (and the instructor for YOUR course) has devoted his life to teaching LSAT Prep and working with the “legal reasoning skills” underlying the LSAT…as an LSAT Prep instructor, University law professor and practicing attorney;
  • YOU do not have to worry that your instructor (1) has no teaching experience, (2) has never taught a University course, (3) has minimal LSAT Prep teaching experience, (4) has never passed a State Bar, and/or (5) doesn’t even have a law school degree.

The Reason I Run ScoreItUp The Way I Do

Ok, enough about YOU. What about ME? 🙂 No one is purely altruistic – there must be a reason why I didn’t (and don’t) seek a business model that tries to maximize profits by hiring outside instructors and “leveraging.” And the reason is actually very simple. I started ScoreItUp for three primary reasons: (1) I have always had a passion for teaching, (2) I loved the LSAT, and (3) I was absolutely convinced that LSAT Prep could be taught more effectively by “cutting out the middleman” and teaching the lessons myself. Becoming an administrator and having other people teach ScoreItUp’s LSAT Prep courses never appealed to me. Even if one might earn more money doing it that way, it would mean compromising quality and trading something I love doing for something I have no interest in doing.

So, I will continue to run ScoreItUp the way I do. I have taught every single ScoreItUp lesson since the company’s inception 15 years ago. I am proud to say that ScoreItUp has earned a 5.0 average Yelp rating and an A+ rating with the BBB throughout that time. ScoreItUp may not make it into any business textbooks as an example of the “ideal” way to maximize profits, but I am confident it will continue to provide a highly attractive and appealing option for pre-law students who recognize the big advantages of getting superior quality AND a better value by “cutting out the middleman”!