#1 LSAT Prep Tip (From Current LSAT Prep Students)

I recently asked my ScoreItUp students what would be their #1 tip to new or future LSAT Prep students. I was surprised by the tremendous uniformity of their answers. While I agree completely with their suggestion, I was taken aback by how universal the recommendation was.

#1 LSAT Prep Tip From Current LSAT Prep Students

So, without building up the suspense any further, what is the #1 LSAT Prep tip from current LSAT Prep students? It is the following: Be patient, the process of increasing your score significantly takes time. These students shared many of the exact same experiences, including:

  • Mastering the LSAT did NOT happen overnight, and it took longer than expected.
  • The process was sometimes frustrating at first because they did not quickly see the kinds of results they wanted.
  • Continuing to practice and not giving up were of critical importance. DON’T give up.
  • Over time, the results they were hoping to see did occur, but it often required time and patience.

My LSAT Prep Recommendations

All I can do is echo the sentiments of these students. The LSAT tests logic and “legal reasoning” skills, and it is a different type of exam than the type one is used to taking in college. The LSAT absolutely is something you can improve on, and often dramatically so. I have seen ScoreItUp students go up over 35 LSAT points (approximately 88 percentile), which is almost astounding. But it does take time to fully maximize your score, and student results will vary.

When asked, I usually tell prospective LSAT Prep students that they should plan to devote approximately 3-6 months of part-time work (15-20 hours per week) to LSAT Prep if they want to fully maximize their potential on this exam. BUT it also is true that some students will want to prepare longer than that. (As one of my former ScoreItUp students who earned a 175 on the LSAT eloquently put it, “you’re never fully ready for the LSAT.”)

Moral Of The Story

So, the moral of the story is to be patient AND give yourself time if you want to fully dominate this very challenging (but fun) exam!