ScoreItUp’s “In Person” (Classroom) Courses Are Returning!

I am excited to announce that after a 3-year hiatus (due to the coronavirus), ScoreItUp’s LIVE, in-person (classroom) courses are returning to Orange County in March 2023! I still remember the day I had to stop teaching ScoreItUp’s “in person” courses in the Spring of 2020. One of my students said “Mark, have you ever heard of Zoom?” Based on that helpful suggestion, ScoreItUp immediately began offering “live online” LSAT Prep courses – they turned out to be an excellent way to teach LSAT Prep. But it also will be fun to return to a traditional classroom once again!

ScoreItUp’s “In Person” LSAT Prep Courses (Spring/Summer, Orange County)

I will be offering ScoreItUp’s LIVE, “in person” courses on Thursday evenings on UC Irvine’s campus throughout the Spring and Summer. Students also will have full access to all of ScoreItUp’s online resources, including recordings of the “live online” lessons (in case you miss an “in person” lesson or want to watch it again). Full details of the initial Spring “in person” courses can be seen here (don’t delay in enrolling – space is limited!). Additional Summer 2023 “in person” courses will be posted once LSAC publishes future LSAT dates.

ScoreItUp’s “Live Online” LSAT Prep Courses (Year Round on Zoom)

I will continue to offer ScoreItUp’s “live online” courses on Monday/Wednesday evenings throughout the year on Zoom. The next set of courses begins Monday, December 5th.  “Live online” courses have proven to be a very popular way to take LSAT Prep courses, and I have found that medium to be just as effective as “in person” classes for communicating the necessary instructional material. You can see full details of my upcoming “live online” courses, and enroll, here. Additional Summer 2023 “live online” courses will be posted once LSAC publishes future LSAT dates.

If you have any questions, please email me at