ScoreItUp Superstars: Where are they now?

People are often curious what happens to pre-law students who do well on the LSAT. While this list could use some updating to reflect many of the more recent ScoreItUp superstars, here is a tiny sample of what some former ScoreItUp students are doing now:

UCI grad Mark W., after nailing a perfect 180, went to UC Berkeley (Boalt) Law School on a full-tuition scholarship and is a prosecutor in Northern California.

UCI grad Sherry W., after earning a blistering 174 on the LSAT, graduated from Harvard Law School and is practicing at a law firm right here in Orange County.

CSUF grad Nick D., is attending Loyola Law School on a big scholarship after earning a whopping 35-point LSAT score increase.

Seattle University grad Michael R., after destroying the LSAT with a perfect 180, recently graduated from Harvard Law School.

Concordia University grad Chase H., rang up a super-impressive 175, converted that into a huge scholarship to Duke Law School, and is clerking fora federal judge.

Chapman grads and best friends Alyssa T. (just graduated from USC Law School), and Nicolette H. (just graduated from Loyola Law School), have become LA lawyers after dominating the LSAT.

UCR grad Rani S., after seeing a mesmerizing 27-point LSAT score increase (including a perfect score on Logic Games!) is attending “Top 10” University of Virginia Law School.  In the words of Ben M., another SIU and UVA Law graduate, “Going to Virginia Law School was the best decision of my life” (of course, it probably didn’t hurt that Ben met his future wife there!).

USC grad Harish V., after getting an explosive 178, postponed law school and has been working in business while contemplating his unlimited options.

UCI grad Paul D. turned his 174 LSAT score into a massive scholarship to USC Law School, and is now a practicing lawyer in Orange County.

UCSB grad Zoe K. (go Gauchos!), after earning a smoldering 174, just graduated from Chicago Law School and is set to begin working in New York.

UCI grad Tyler H., clubbed the LSAT with a 171, graduated from Harvard Law School, and is working at a law firm here in Orange County.

UCSD grad Shane M., turned his massive 16 point score increase on the LSAT into a full-tuition scholarship to Chapman Law, and is practicing law in Orange County.

 UCSB grad Chris L., after nailing a perfect score on the Logic Games section, graduated from UC Berkeley (Boalt) Law School and is now an LA Lawyer.

UCI grad Carol C., after demonstrating her ownership of the LSAT with a 175, needs to update me on her current status!

Congratulations to all of you, and the countless other ScoreIUp students with equally impressive results that I just didn’t have room to include. For all of you ScoreItUp alumni out there, please keep me posted and updated on your lives!