“ScoreItUp Is Undoubtedly The Best Investment I Have Ever Made.”

Those were the kind words recently received from former SIU student Robert M.  Robert passed the California State Bar on his first try, after coming out of law school entirely debt-free. Here is Robert’s story, told in his own words:

 “I knew that my LSAT score was going to be important, especially because my college GPA was not impressive. After thoroughly researching all of my LSAT preparation options, I chose Mark Sacks and ScoreItUp. Mark taught me not only the importance of hard work in preparing for the LSAT, but made it clear that this level of intensity was necessary during law school as well.

 I really didn’t know what I was getting myself into, but Mark supplemented the LSAT instruction with tips and experiences he learned during his time in law school and allowed us to understand the nature of law school and that it cannot be compared to, or treated like, any other educational experience.

 I took the LSAT after months of preparation and scored in the 92nd percentile.* This score, of which Mark deserves a lot of the credit, earned me two full-tuition scholarship offers.

 I took that intensity that Mark helped instill in me and maintained my scholarship throughout all three years of law school, meaning that I saved $144,450 in tuition costs. I graduated from law school with ZERO student loan debt.

 This outcome is due only to the fact that Mark ensured that I was extremely well prepared for the LSAT and made sure I knew how to approach my study of the law.

 The money I spent on ScoreItUp is undoubtedly the best investment I have ever made.”

Robert M. 

Congratulations to Robert for a series of well-earned, outstanding results! To see some additional SIU student results, please take a look here.

* Robert’s official LSAT score of 165 was approximately 20 LSAT points higher than his initial practice LSAT score, before his ScoreItUp LSAT Prep training.