Is the LSAT’s Analytical Reasoning Section Changing, Going Away Or Remaining The Same?

Within the LSAT Prep world, there has been a lot of angst about what will happen to the LSAT’s Analytical Reasoning (AR) section. This may come as good news or bad news, depending upon how much you like the current version of AR, but AR isn’t changing any time soon. Here is an excerpt from a recent LSAC blog seeking volunteers for a field study to evaluate possible future changes to the LSAT’s AR section:

Feedback [from the AR field study] will be shared with [volunteers] before the February 2023 administration of the LSAT. No changes to the actual LSAT are planned for the near future, and the new types of AR questions you see during the study will not appear on the LSAT anytime soon. Any changes to a scored section of the actual LSAT will be preceded by lengthy advance notice and free practice questions for candidates.” (Emphasis added)

The LSAC’s words speak for themselves: “No changes to the actual LSAT are planned for the near future.” So, if you are planning to take the LSAT in 2023, the advice is simple: do not make any changes to the way you prepare for the LSAT because of any concern about possible changes to AR, and continue preparing for AR just as vigorously as the other two sections. I believe there is an excellent chance there will not be any dramatic changes to the AR section, even in the distant future – but there certainly won’t be any big changes for a long time. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at Good luck!