All LSAT Points Are Not Created Equal: the Kelly F. Story

A significant point increase on the LSAT is a wonderful thing, which is why I enjoy sharing stories about ScoreItUp students who see very dramatic score increases. However, more modest LSAT score increases also can have a profound, life-altering impact. Consider the story of Kelly F., a pre-law student who intends to become a judge one day. She began ScoreItUp after already fully preparing for the LSAT and earning an impressive 163 on the LSAT.
After very recently completing ScoreItUp’s “live online” LSAT Prep course with me, Kelly is now getting significantly higher scores on her practice LSATs (taking recent, full-length LSATs under timed conditions designed to simulate the official LSAT). Her most recent timed practice LSAT score was a 171. While an 8-point increase might not seem that dramatic, improving from a 163 to a 171 (after having already fully prepped for the exam) is monstrous. The reason for that is simple: all LSAT points are not created equal. It tends to be much easier to see improvement at the lower ends of the LSAT’s 120-180 scale (e.g., in the 130’s) than it is at the higher end of the scale (e.g., in the 160s or 170s).
And, of course, remember that the LSAT is simply a means to an end. The real goal is not to see how much one can increase your LSAT score, but to enjoy the tremendous benefits that come from it: i.e., acceptance into higher-ranked law schools and the potential for massive merit-based scholarships.
Here is just a brief excerpt of what Kelly said distinguishes ScoreItUp from other test prep methods: I can’t emphasize enough how personalized ScoreItUp is; you get the benefits of a classroom environment and structured studying while also having an instructor (Mark) who is readily accessible and personally invested in your individual success. Thanks Kelly – very much appreciated. Keep up the great work and good luck on your upcoming LSAT!