“Top 10” Application Factors That Law Schools Consider (Ranked)

While the importance of the first two items on this list (LSAT score and cumulative undergraduate gpa) are not likely to generate much serious debate, the unscientific “ranking” of the remaining law school “soft factors” below might stir up some controversy. After all, not all admission committee members prioritize each of the “soft factors” in Items 3-10 below in the same way (I’ve witnessed that firsthand many times!).  Nevertheless, here is the list of 10 items, ranked in order of importance, that law schools focus on when reviewing a law school application:

ScoreItUp’s Priority Ranking of Law School Application Factors (most important to least important) 

  1. LSAT score (highest LSAT score if more than one score).
  2. Cumulative undergraduate GPA (including community college courses, but excluding graduate school, extension courses, etc.)
  3. Personal Statement
  4. Extracurricular activities, including graduate school degrees and grades (if any – most applicants will not have attended graduate school)
  5. Undergraduate university attended
  6. Answers to application questions
  7. Letters of recommendation
  8. LSAT Writing Sample
  9. Undergraduate major (if a “hard science” major, bump this one up a bit!)
  10. Internships in law firms or other law-related employers

I limited the above to 10 – but if you have any other suggestions, or questions, please feel free to let me know at mark@scoreitup.com!