An Effective LSAT Prep Strategy: Blind Review

For prelaw students who are taking the LSAT seriously, there are some tried and true LSAT Prep formulas for success that include (1) gaining a very solid understanding of the fundamental logic and legal reasoning skills underlying the LSAT, (2) practicing on an extensive number of real LSAT questions, and (3) practicing with full-length exams or sections under untimed, and then timed, conditions.
As for item (3), an effective and often under-utilized LSAT Prep strategy is “blind review.” It is something I frequently discuss in my LSAT Prep courses. The idea is relatively simple, and requires three steps:
  1. Take a full-length practice LSAT, or full-length LSAT section, under TIMED conditions.
  2. After you are done, and before you have graded your exam or section, take it again under UNTIMED conditions.
  3. Now grade both your TIMED and UNTIMED exam, and see how you did. Of course, as always, you should study any questions you got wrong or struggled with afterward.
The purpose of “blind review” is to give you the best of both worlds. You get the benefit and experience of taking timed LSATs AND you get the benefit of fully thinking through LSAT questions without the time constraints. By comparing both of your scores, you also get the benefit of seeing whether your errors occurred because (1) you didn’t understand the question or answer(s) fully, or (2) time constraints prevented you from fully analyzing the question.
“Blind review” is a strategy to use later in your LSAT Prep, after you have a solid understanding of the fundamentals. It obviously is more time-consuming than just taking a practice exam once. But for those willing to put in some extra time, it can be a very effective LSAT Prep strategy!