Mike Kim’s Review of ScoreItUp

“A few years ago, I participated in my first and last ‘battle of the test prep companies’ type of event, held in Irvine. The other people on the panel included someone from Kaplan, [the co-founder of] Blueprint, [the lead instructor for] Princeton Review, and Mark from ScoreItUp. Each of us went up and spent about twenty minutes teaching a couple of questions. Unfortunately, I don’t remember the Kaplan lesson, but between Blueprint, Princeton Review, and Mark, I found Mark to be the most effective teacher. My sense was that he is exactly what he says he is — a smart, experienced guy that provides an effective and comprehensive [LSAT Prep] course.” – Mike Kim, author of The LSAT Trainer.

I certainly appreciate Mike’s kind words, especially coming from a highly respected member of the LSAT Prep community. The goal is to simplify the LSAT Prep process for students, and that is consistently what I do in my ScoreItUp courses. You don’t need to memorize 15-20 different labels/categories of Analytical Reasoning game sets. You don’t need to use lots of fancy techniques to dissect Reading Comp passages. And you don’t need “algorithms” that “scramble” and attempt to spoon-feed you “customized” Logical Reasoning questions.

Don’t get me wrong – any form of competent LSAT Prep will be better than nothing at all. But to get the most impressive results in the least amount of time, you don’t need to over-complicate things and you don’t need gimmicks. In fact, you need the exact opposite: the goal of LSAT Prep is to simplify the process. It is more challenging to write a short letter or to give a short speech effectively than it is to write a long and rambling one. But from a student’s perspective, having the LSAT Prep process simplified can, and routinely does, pay enormous benefits. It also allows a student to spend his or her time more effectively while preparing for the LSAT.

While I truly appreciate Mike Kim’s comments, an even more gratifying experience comes from hearing reviews from ScoreItUp students like Mark W., who earned a 29-point LSAT score increase, got a perfect 180 on the LSAT, and helped ScoreItUp (and me) set a world record for student 180 LSAT scores:

It is absolutely crucial that you have quality test preparation and that you take test prep seriously. The thing I like most about ScoreItUp is the ability of the instructor, Mark Sacks, to be able to tailor his instruction to each student’s needs. Mark’s teaching is not formulaic and not one-size-fits all, a feature that I found helpful. He interspersed personal anecdotes and humor into his instruction and was able to connect with students of many different types: men, women, both young and to the geezers like me. Because it is personalized, it is almost like you have your own LSAT tutor, plus, you also get more hours at a better price than other test prep centers. -Mark W.

To see more ScoreItUp student reviews, please click here. If you would like more details about my various ScoreItUp course options and/or LSAT Prep teaching methods, I am always just an email away at mark@scoreitup.com. However you choose to do it, take the LSAT and LSAT Prep seriously – it will make a world of difference to your future!