A ScoreItUp Trifecta: The Paul D., Nick D., and Francesca D. Stories

Here is a fun, exciting and successful tale of good-natured sibling rivalry…and a true ScoreItUp trifecta! Take a look below at the astounding stories of siblings and former ScoreItUp students Paul D., Nick D. and Francesca D.:

Paul D.’s Story: Paul began ScoreItUp’s course with a strong 158 practice LSAT score. After his ScoreItUp training and consistent practice, he turned that into a stunning 174 on his official LSAT – an outstanding 16-point increase and an LSAT score solidly in the top 1% in the nation. Turning down a slew of other options, Paul converted his monstrous 174 LSAT score into a whopping 75% scholarship to powerhouse USC Law School.  He graduated from law school, passed the State Bar, and is now working at a top-notch law firm in Orange County.

Nick D.’s Story: After Paul’s success, his brother Nick took ScoreItUp’s live LSAT Prep course. Unlike Paul, Nick was not a “natural” standardized test taker. His initial practice LSAT score was quite low, and he was concerned he might not be able to go to law school. However, after his ScoreItUp training, Nick’s official LSAT score was an astounding 35 LSAT points higher (an increase of approximately 88 percentile!). Nick went from being concerned about getting into any law school to accepting an offer at highly regarded Loyola Law School with a huge scholarship. Wow!

Francesca D.’s Story: Francesca was attending college out of California and did not have the opportunity to take ScoreItUp’s live course. So, she took ScoreItUp’s online video course. The result? After her ScoreItUp training, Francesca earned scores as high as 179 on timed, practice LSATs – off-the-chart scores that outdid both of her brothers (which is her favorite part of this story!). She then performed when it counted, getting a 172 on her official LSAT (top 1-2 percentile). Francesca’s sensational LSAT score positioned herself to be exceedingly competitive in every law school in the country. Francesca accepted an offer from “Top 10” NYU Law School and is currently attending law school there – congratulations and well done!!

The stories of these three siblings are a reminder of the potential that dedicated studying for the LSAT can have.  Congratulations Paul, Nick and Francesca on your tremendous individual achievements and outstanding LSAT scores!