Will LSAT-Flex Extend Beyond the April 2021 LSAT?

The LSAC has not yet published LSAT dates beyond the April 2021 LSAT. While we know that the upcoming February and April LSATs will be given in the “LSAT-Flex” format, LSAC has remained mum about its plans going forward. Here are some thoughts to consider regarding whether the LSAT-Flex format will continue beyond the April 2021 LSAT:

  • In my opinion, the LSAT-Flex format is very likely to be used well into 2021, and quite possibly for most or all remaining LSATs this calendar year.
  • Of course, an important part of LSAC’s decision will be based upon the progress we make with the coronavirus and vaccines.
  • That being said, there are several reasons why I do not anticipate LSAC moving quickly away from the LSAT-Flex:
    •  Packing large groups of people into an indoor classroom or auditorium (which is the way the traditional LSAT was administered) is likely to be one of the last things that comes back to “normal” as we move beyond the pandemic.
    • Packing large groups of future lawyers into an indoor classroom or auditorium, and forcing them to risk illness to take an exam that is required for law school, is probably even less appealing to the LSAC. 🙂
    • The LSAC has developed a suitable alternative with the LSAT-Flex. While there are still some kinks to work out (as many of my students have shared with me!), they seem to be doing a reasonably good job administering it.
    • People are starting to get used to the LSAT-Flex format. People naturally do not like change. So, when we went to the LSAT-Flex format, there was some resistance. Now that people are getting more used to the LSAT-Flex, that resistance may get reversed and create concern about going back to the traditional LSAT.

None of us has a crystal ball (come on, did you really KNOW that the Bucs would win the Super Bowl?!), but if I’m a betting man, I’m betting that the LSAT-Flex will be with us for at least several more LSAT administrations beyond the April LSAT. Questions? Please feel free to email me at mark@scoreitup.com.