The ScoreItUp Difference

Many LSAT Prep companies talk about why they are the “best” LSAT Prep course. They typically use some version of how they slice and dice LSAT questions, and spoon-feed them to you in some magical way. The claims remind me of weight-loss commercials promising stunning results if you strap some gizmo onto your body: “don’t exercise, eat all the pie/cake/cookies/ice cream you want, and dramatically shed pounds with our revolutionary, new Electronic Weight-Loss Gizmo”!

There is a reason why those LSAT Prep ads seem confusing. Contrast all of that to the differences that ScoreItUp offers, the value of which is easily recognizable to any student, even if they are completely unfamiliar with LSAT Prep:

  1. Unlike other test prep companies, ScoreItUp guarantees that your course will be taught by the company’s owner, a highly experienced instructor who has taught thousands of LSAT Prep students and thousands of University law students. Who do you think is more likely to be motivated to see you succeed: the company’s owner, or a part-time student instructor?
  2. Unlike other test prep companies,  your instructor is guaranteed to be a law school graduate, University law professor and practicing attorney. The LSAC states that the LSAT is designed to test the “legal reasoning skills” used in law school and the practice of law. If your instructor is going to TEACH you the “legal reasoning skills” underlying the LSAT, doesn’t it make sense that he/she should HAVE formal training and experience working with those “legal reasoning skills”?
  3. ScoreItUp offers more LIVE instruction hours than any company out there. If you are paying for a LSAT Prep course, isn’t it obvious that you are likely to benefit from MORE LSAT Prep training rather than LESS?
  4. Your questions are answered directly by ScoreItUp’s founder and your instructor. When you have questions, wouldn’t you prefer them to be answered by your instructor and the company’s founder, rather than using a “hotline” and getting a random, part-time instructor?
  5. All 1-on-1 tutoring is done directly by ScoreItUp’s founder and your instructor. If you decide to do some supplemental, 1-on-1 tutoring, wouldn’t you prefer that it be with someone you can trust, and not a random, part-time instructor?
  6. Extensive intangible benefits, including regular discussions about law school admission issues, personal statement advice, career options as a practicing lawyer, and much more.
  7. And the benefits of ScoreItUp aren’t just theoretical – the results of ScoreItUp students are unparalleled in the LSAT Prep industry. For more details, please see “Top 15.”

You won’t see gimmicks, fake student comments, or those silly “independent” course reviews with ScoreItUp. Put simply, ScoreItUp “cuts out the middleman” and offers no-nonsense LSAT Prep with enormous benefits that anyone can see and appreciate!