In the Spotlight: Michael I.’s 19-Point (64-Percentile) LSAT Score Increase

Everyone loves to aim for LSAT scores in the 170s. And why shouldn’t they? A score like that often allows students their pick of the very best law schools in the nation.

However, LSAT scores in the 160s also make you an exceptionally competitive applicant at the overwhelming majority of law schools, and set you up for potentially massive merit-based scholarships. Earning a 160 on the LSAT is achieved by only about 20 percent of all test-takers. In other words, 4 out of 5 prelaw students do not earn a score of 160 or above on the LSAT. A 165 on the LSAT is earned by only about 10 percent (1 out of 10) prelaw students.

Consider the story of ScoreItUp LSAT Prep ( student Michael I. on his recent performance on the official LSAT. Michael is a recent USC graduate who double-majored in Political Science and Spanish, and he also happens to be a hugely gifted soccer player (goal-keeper).

Michael’s interest in law school was triggered by an internship at the US Attorney’s Office. However, like most pre-law students, the LSAT was a major challenge. When Michael began his ScoreItUp course with me last year, his mock exam score (using a real LSAT under timed conditions designed to simulate the official LSAT) was below average. After completing my LSAT Prep course, Michael took the official LSAT for the first time. He catapulted himself into the Top 15 percent of all LSAT-takers, a whopping 19 points higher than his initial mock exam score!

Michael’s LSAT score increase is even more impressive when you consider that it represents an increase of approximately 64 percentile. To say that is a life-altering score increase is not exaggeration or hyperbole – ask the countless ScoreItUp students who have earned similar score increases, and who have seen the impact it had on their law school applications. Michael is aiming even higher, planning to retake the LSAT in August 2021. Here is what Michael had to say about his ScoreItUp experience:

“The energy Mark brings to each and every class is amazing, and I especially enjoyed the enthusiasm he has for mundane and sometimes frustrating LSAT questions. The biggest difference came in the Analytical Reasoning section. I was routinely scoring 10/23 in this section, but after taking ScoreItUp and practicing for months, I routinely scored 20/23 and above.”

Congratulations, Michael, on a very impressive LSAT performance and best of luck to you!